"Dominoes," by ØHENRY Knocks us Down One Note At a Time

Coming out of Oakland, California, ØHENRY is deemed a rare talent. An artist with various backgrounds, this multi-talented phenomenon plays several instruments, is a songwriter, and tackles production. His versatility will amaze you, but his passion remains the cherry on top as that is what will win you over. With a catalog of artists that will shock you, ØHENRY holds his own as an artist conquering the music industry one song at a time.

The quintessence of ØHENRY's latest hit record drives home the Contemporary R&B elements as "Dominoes," which showcases the artist's flexibility between the English and Spanish language. The instrumentation's galloping pulse flexes the abilities that ØHENRY embodies as he rides in the driver's seat, chauffeuring the flow. Carrying enough soul in his vocals to fill a room, the sophisticated bop that is "Dominoes" can easily be registered as a hit with the amount of pizazz showered on the melody. The aptitude in which ØHENRY flawlessly glides through each verse in two languages is not an easy feat, but he does it all with his eyes closed.

"Dominoes" expresses the feelings that ØHENRY sheds towards the apple of his eye as he does whatever it takes to have her by his side. Using this song as an epistle equipped with sweet ammunition, ØHENRY can be heard serenading the one which has drastically caught his attention. As we swoon from the comfort of our own homes, it is apparent that ØHENRY can truly do it all. The angelic resonance that he has to offer his listeners continues to raise the bar with each release. "Dominoes" takes that essence to another dimension as we eagerly hit repeat.

Hello ØHENRY, and welcome to BuzzMusic. Was there an exact moment or story that inspired the writing of this record?

Had a moment with someone one night where everything just felt right, and the next day I wanted to feel it again.

With you honing in on both the production and songwriting, which came first when bringing “Dominoes” to life? What was the creative process like?

The crazy thing is I went to the studio for someone else's session as a writer, and last minute they said they will be 2 hrs late. So I was like, let me make a beat to waste time and ended up making that beat in 20 mins then wrote the song and recorded it right before the Artist arrived.

You have an extensive background in the music industry as you have accomplished many great things! One of which is being featured on Selena Gomez’s latest album ‘Rare’ singing background vocals. What was that experience like for you?

This was a dope experience. Working with some of the biggest in the industry, let me know I could do anything. I was working with super producer Sir Nolan. Got in the studio and it was straight to it. It took about 30 mins to finish cutting the vocals on the song. Then Nolan Had me record Percussion on the record as well, Playing timbales, congas, and other percussion instruments.

In terms of themes and messages, what would you like your listeners to take away from the music that you create?

It's always going to be a positive message from me. Built around Love, relationships, situations, struggles, family, etc.

What has been keeping you inspired throughout 2020?

My Family. We all go through things and well have problems. But what we go through as a family always motivates me. Especially during 2020. You've had to go harder and boss up on many levels to beat this terrible year and not fall into depression. Been inspired by everyone around me who's been working hard. Especially my best friend Journee, She's always on me to post more and get to it.