Don Mai Entices You To Catch Feelings With His New Single, “Stay The Night”

The highly talented singer-songwriter, Don Mai, began his musical expedition as a classical piano player. Realizing that the classical road wasn't for him, he picked up the acoustic guitar and ventured into the pop genre. His sound would evolve over time and allow him to work his craft with boundless restrictions. Enabling his current emotional state and songwriting to guide his sound, he focuses his attention on creating memorable tracks for his fans.

Tapping into his wide range of melodies, Don Mai fulfills his objective of creating an unchained and raw sound, with the release of his new single “Stay The Night.” A fusion of pop and punk rock, the song incorporates a catchy hook, an uptempo instrumental, and gritty vocals. Utilizing his growing feelings for another as the focal point of the track, Don Mai reels you in with his exquisite songwriting and spirited delivery.

“Stay The Night” hits you with a strong and decisive instrumental. The strumming of the guitar and heavy strikes of the percussion is so beautifully broken down by spacious and purposeful bridges. It’s safe to say that the craftsmanship applied in the construction of this song was deliberately worked in to carry out Don Mai’s mood while writing the lyrics. “Stay The Night” is nothing short of the perfect blend between denial and acceptance of love.

Don Mai continues to bless his audience with his charming charisma and worthy artistic aptitude. Don Mai’s decision to grow his skillset and manufacture untethered music corresponds masterfully with his eager drive to turn what was once a hobby into a vast and successful career. We look forward to seeing him thrive and grow in the years to come.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Don Mai, and congrats on your new single "Stay The Night." What can you tell us about the inspiration you had in creating such a powerful song?

Going into this song, I was inspired by the comeback of the 80's sounds. You hear this in many current songs such as 'Stay' by Thekidlaroi and Justin Bieber, 'Blinding lights' by The Weeknd, Levitating by Dua lipa and DaBaby, and many more. I also wanted to try sampling for the first time as I usually create my tracks from scratch. And so, with this song, the synth that you hear from the start is the sample. It's been sped up, chopped up, and rearranged. As for the drums had to be an 80's type of drum kit, and the rest came together smoothly. As for the lyrics, it's not something that I'm currently going through, but I have been there before, and as I was thinking of a melody for the chorus, I started singing, "babe won't you stay for the night," and that was how I got the idea to write about this experience.

How did your musical influences change your perspective on songwriting?

They've taught me to branch out of my comfort zone. They write hit songs for themselves and many other artists in different genres, which is what I have been inspired to do. Thanks to their inspiration, I have constantly pushed myself to experiment with many different genres, which you can hear with each single as not one song sounds the same.

What is the message behind "Stay The Night" that you'd like listeners to know?

The meaning behind this song is not something that is meant to be taken too seriously. It's a light-hearted song about falling in love with friends with benefits. I'm sure some people have been through this situation where it can become a bit awkward as it was just meant to be casual, but you can't help how you feel at the end of the day.

What would you like new listeners and fans to know about you and your music?

If they are someone who enjoys relatable and catchy music, then I'm the artist for them!

What can we expect to hear next?

As always, I'm constantly trying out new things so that you can expect the unexpected!