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Don Munchie Steps Out of the Box with Hip-Hop Release “Douche”

Don Munchie is an up and coming Hip-Hop artist from Houston, Texas who is working on releasing a variety of new songs in the upcoming months. He recently released a song called “Douche” which was produced by his colleague Vincent Beats.

Don Munchie’s “Douche” promotes a low commitment, high energy lifestyle. He sings about the lavish life of partying and enjoying himself at the moment without regard for later consequences. “Douche” will put fans in an invincible-feeling state, similar to the high-flying effects of alcohol and recreational drugs. Don Munchie displays his natural rapping abilities in “Douche;” it seems like he has been in the game for years. The track includes a playful beat that is paired with his alluring vocals that could be compared to rapper B.O.B. Interestingly, Don Munchie’s goal is to prove to his listeners that he is the biggest douche in hip hop. His recent release “Douche” is the first single from his upcoming 'Alpha Douche EP.' Lyrically, Don Munchie lives up to the name of his song with what he calls “obnoxious and conceited” wordplay. He also includes phrases like “I feel like I might never lose,” which play to his overconfidence and fit well in his style of music. Don Munchie certainly stands out with his top-dog energy and is sure to be a role model of many hip hop fans who aspire to live the same way. The combination of his intrinsic rapping ability and his intriguing perspective on the hip hop genre makes Don Munchie someone new to watch out for.

Listen to "Douche" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Don Munchie! We were intrigued by your stance on wanting to be the biggest douche in hip-hop. Can you explain to your fans why you chose this brand?

What’s good y’all! I appreciate y’all for having me. The Douche brand comes from just life experiences with females. I remember back when I first started talking to one of my exes she told me one of her friends said they knew of me n that they heard I was a Douche. And instead of being defensive about it I just thought, fuck it, what’s so wrong with being a Douche? So I embraced it as a persona & just another quality that I have.

You have a clear natural talent for rapping. Can you elaborate on how you fell in love with music and decided to make a career out of your rapping skills?

I appreciate that thank you. N I fell in love with music back in the late 90s. Riding around in that car with my mamma she would be playing Tupac, Biggie, John B, Aaliyah, all the classics of that time. And hearing them seeing the videos just inspired me & built my love with music. And in high school, the homie Cee$pitz and he was already rapping & recording. I decided one day when he had come over to my house that I wanted to try out recording & making some music. Hey had no hesitation to be like dope let me show u how to do it and each step so u can do it ourselves too & have your own home set up. And from there it was just falling in love with the process and creation of a dope song. Then the admiration & appreciation of people when the like ur song. And it feels good to create something that other people enjoy I find that pretty dope.

Your song “Douche” includes various controversial lyrics that could be offensive to certain demographics. Can you explain how you deal with this type of situation, and how you might plan to deal with it in the future?

Shit, I’m just speaking my truths & embracing what those other demographics have called me a Douche or an asshole & I feel we all have been a douche or an asshole to somebody at least once in our lives so we all on equal footing. I just embrace it.

Your debut EP is called the “Alpha Douche EP,” do the rest of your songs embody similar energy to “Douche?” Has your music always had this vibe?

Hell yea that’s gonna is the vibe the whole way through. That the energy I have in mind & why I named the first single of the EP “Douche” to give people an introduction into who the “Alpha Douche” is.

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020?

More work, More Music, & more collabs outside of my Afe Union brothers & projects from Cee$pitz, Shaxn, & Nino Jones all coming this year! So the whole team working! #knowtheunion



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