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"Don't Fear" Necessary Change With SUBURBS's Latest Single

Sailing in from southern Ontario, the independent pop trip SUBURBS releases their deeply reflective and emotional single, "Don't Fear."

Made up of the musical stylings between Dave, Mac, and Jake, SUBURBS drew themselves together through their love for catchy melodies, expressive lyricism, and an entrenched groove. After years of playing different music and in various settings, SUBURBS is now firmly planting their feet in the depths of pop.

Now releasing their enthralling single, "Don't Fear," listeners can hear the serene and comforting stylings of SUBURBS through the song's emotional tones and ethereal production/instrumentation. While the song's lyricism reminds us of needed change, the surrounding sonics pour through with the utmost emotion and tenderness.

Listening to "Don't Fear," the song opens with the soothing lead vocalist singing of remembering when our world wasn't in such distress. Accompanied by a tender piano melody, the vocalist's delivery truly shines in the spotlight and serves a bounty of chills. About halfway through the track, the instrumentals begin to expand and offer nothing but bliss.

Through a downtempo airy kick, and tightly layered vocals, SUBURBS delivers an incredible ambiance to the song while reminding us not to fear the change we must endure. We're genuinely impressed with the raw emotion and passion that SUBURBS offers within this track, as they pluck on each of our heartstrings while pushing a compelling message.

Experience the serene and melodic stylings of SUBURBS through their latest inspirational single, "Don't Fear," and allow the song to remind you of the change we must take.

We highly appreciate the meaningful lyricism within your single "Don't Fear." What inspired your group to take on this song of change?

Dave sat down at the piano one day a few months ago to write for SUBURBS as he does routinely. This day in particular he was feeling anxious about life and all that the past year had brought. So he simply said to himself, “What kind of song do I need to hear today?”. The first words out of his mouth were “Don’t Fear”. He showed the idea to Mac and Jake, and the three of us immediately thought about how this could be the perfect song for the world to hear right now. An effortless melody and a handful of heartfelt lyrics poured out in minutes, as we addressed our own anxieties and the state of the world through what we love most.

Who handled the tender songwriting for your single, "Don't Fear"? What did you want to evoke in listeners through your lyricism?

Dave came up with the concepts and we all tweaked the final lyrics together. We’d love for it to bring a sense of peace but also a sense of urgency and a deeper awareness of the people and the world around us. The world has never been an easy place to live in and we’re really feeling that sentiment right now. We all face fears, anxieties, and an innumerable amount of other emotions and experiences in life. We all need to learn to fearless, to live more, and to care for each other and our world. We can’t be too proud to change if we want any kind of longevity.

Could you break down the members within your group and how your trio went about forming the instrumental/sonic atmosphere for "Don't Fear"?

SUBURBS is Dave Sangalli, Mac Racicot, and Jake Korosi. The songwriting process varies from song to song. For “Don’t Fear”, Dave came up with the melody and chords and some pieces of lyrics. Mac and Jake stepped in at this point with the goal of matching the musical emotion and soundscape to the lyrical sentiments we had in place. We loved the feeling of loneliness in the verse and the sobering sense of peace in the chorus, so we used sounds of distress and samples from everyday life to create the climax. Pads, strings, reverbs, and drums finalized the sound. We wanted a sense of freedom and security amidst the chaos, and we felt the instrumental build and effects really helped capture what we were trying to communicate.

Could you tell us about your debut EP, 'The Sweet Nothing,' released last year? Do you plan on exploring new themes and approaches within your songs in the future?

The Sweet Nothing EP is a collection of five songs we wrote from the perspective of the loves lost in life. Sometimes we meet people with who we connect with and it’s so beautiful, but not everything lasts forever. Sometimes all we are left with is the sweet taste of what once was. We learned so much from the process of making the EP and we are so excited to explore new themes as we progress.

What's next?

We have our second EP planned and on the way. It will start with three singles; the first of which is Don’t Fear. The next one is on its way shortly so be sure to stay tuned! We couldn’t be more proud of this new era and we can’t wait to share the rest of it with you. xo



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