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"Don't Let Me Go," Taps into Everything We Need to Know About Kurt Donavon

Hip-hop artist Kurt Donavon creatively bends genres while wearing his emotions on his sleeve in his latest release, "Don't Let Me Go."

The New Jersey City native adds his twist on Emo Rock and Hip-hop while offering listeners relatable content by using dark elements and real-life experiences to make his visions come alive. On, “Don’t Let Me Go,” Kurt Donavon taps into his vulnerability and vocalizes his fear of being alone while questioning the events around him.

“Don’t Let Me Go,” opens with the soft strums of an acoustic guitar offering an expansive and conscious ambiance. The rhythmic drums that follow the introduction add a lively vibe to brighten a dark tone set in the composition.

When Kurt Donavon begins performing the mellow sorrows being vocalized in his harmonies and profound lyrics, you can instantly visualize a picture on your own canvas that transports you to the relatable elements in the ambiance he has created.

The gentle yet powerful presence in his delivery through each verse and chorus draws you into every word performed. The lack of adlibs and increased use of reverberated effects and delay throws offers a unique and refreshing twist on modern-day Hip-hop that allows you to zone in on the honest content being rapped.

With lyrics like, “Every time that I see there’s some light, in your life. Got me staying up all night,” Kurt gives us a piece of himself while laying it all out on the table.

We’re grateful that we were able to tap into the likes of Kurt Donavon and eagerly await what is next in store for this up and coming artist.

Congratulations on the release of, “Don’t Let Me Go.” This record surely tapped into our soft spot and we would love to know what you would like listeners to take away from it?

Thank you, I really wanted the listeners to take away comfort in knowing that other people feel fear of being alone as well. This song is about my struggle with the fear of being alone and not wanting to see someone you love to move on someone else. I've always found myself in the same cycle of getting into relationships then returning to the same state of loneliness, so I question the meaning of all of them. I sing about not wanting to be alone yet knowing that it's the inevitable future so I shouldn't be surprised. I want my listeners who feel the same to have comfort in knowing that even though life can be full of darkness we can relate and face the darkness together, and I think that's beautiful.


What did the creative process look like for you when crafting, “Don’t Let Me Go?"

When I wrote don't let me go I was actually posting a song a week and it was about six weeks in so I was running low on songs and needed something new. So I listened to all the voice memos of potential songs I had and the melody I mumbled for this song really made me fall in love with not only the flow but the feeling. In these times I am also quite lonely so I decided to express that in this song. 

What were the vibes like in the studio session when recording, “Don’t Let Me Go?"

The vibe was pretty mellow in the studio while I was creating this song. It's a pretty sad, and dark Emo rap song so there wasn't much turning up. 

What is your favorite lyric scripted in this ballad and why?

"I thought you were so nice, you were all in disguise" I like this line the most in this song because it really represents how I feel about a lot of the girls I have loved.  

What can fans anticipate next from you?

Fans can anticipate a lot more music. I have always posted a variety of different music with different feels and that's how I plan to proceed. 



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