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Don't Let the Past Conquer in "Regret Stained Memories"

Known for their ways of transmuting unfiltered, aggressive Punk Rock with Pop Punk/Emo Rock to redefine the borderlines of the genres to come before them, Crossing I’s Dotting T’s set out to evoke emotions from all who tune in.

The reasonably new to the scene Orange County, CA project of Matt combines their skill set with producer/engineer Alex Estrada at Costa Mesa Recording Studios to bring the sonic visions dreamed of to life. Comprised of the music-loving guys, Matt Mucerino (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Soren (Zo), Crisell (lead guitar), Oliver (Oli Humbucker), Callison (bass, backing vocals), and Mat Miranda (drums), the uniquely formed melodies of Crossing I’s Dotting T’s comes hailing in through your speakers in a refreshing manner.

Capturing the nostalgic hues of an amplified Punk forward soundscape, the latest single to come from Crossing I’s Dotting T’s has us immersed in the alluring essence it holds as a whole.

“Regret Stained Memories” tours us through mesmerizing chord progressions that are the basis of what makes a hit record catchy. The angst that accompanies such musical components leads us into the throwback eras as it provides a raw snapshot of the early 2000s, all while bringing in elements from the 80s and 90s wave of Punk Rock.

Latching onto the smoldering vocal performance of Matt Mucerino as his deep timbres rumble words of lived experiences, we find that everything that Crossing I’s Dotting T’s has to offer sits impeccably with one another in the top tier mix quality. Additionally, using a prominent array of breaks in the overall instrumentation allows the rhythmic bassline and heavy percussion to land with even more of an impact as soon as it’s reintroduced, which is perfect for the setting of “Regret Stained Memories.”

Playing into a theme that we can all relate to, the rush of liberation freely flows through our mind as we’re transported to the place that Crossing I’s Dotting T’s intends for us to explore. Of course, we wouldn’t expect anything less from the collective as they contour to give Rock the enhancements we love to see.

It's always such a pleasure chatting with you, Crossing I's Dotting T's. Welcome back to BuzzMusic. We're thrilled to be able to grasp onto your latest single, "Regret Stained Memories." So, where did the exact inspiration come from when gearing up to create this track?

Thank you for chatting with me again! The inspiration for this one came from being in this lull stage in life where I'm not sure what I'm doing, but I do know that I don't want to live the way people around me are living and don't want to grow old to regret not living the way I want...and I still need to do a much better job.

How did the creative process play a role in making this track what it is? Could you please take us into what each artist brought to the table and how it was executed to give this the energy we hear translated through the speakers?

For this one, I wrote the music and lyrics and brought it to my producer Alex Estrada who wrote the lead guitar lines and helped shape the Pixies-Like ending this one has.

When it comes to opening up those old memories in your head, how does it feel to reclose that chapter again once the song is finally available to the public? Do you find that these concepts sometimes never get the closure they deserve?

I love it. It's like a tattoo, which I have many. No matter what, I'll always remember this time in my life and how I felt writing those songs and how they relate to people. Most things never get closure, and certainly, unless you have a massive audience who praise your music, I think it's near impossible to get closure, at least it is for me right now...but I'm sure that will change.

In terms of the messaging in "Regret Stained Memories," what do you want your listeners to grasp onto the most with this release?

Oh man, I'd say to take what is what you want and relate it how you want, but it's a pretty clear message of living the way you want and not caring what others think.

What's next for you?

We are recording demos for our debut album, which will be huge, and we also are playing a lot of shows coming up. We also are being featured in the CBS show "Sounds of the Underground" hosted by The Wildfires Projekt on Nov 6, which we are too stoked for.


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