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Don't Take it "Personal," With Austin Riddle

Austin Riddle has immersed himself into an all but unfamiliar mix of smoky, sensual R&B stamps, engrained with ’80s inspired melodic Pop sentiments.

This emerging artist has been developing his songwriting, production, and vocal skills since childhood and routinely collaborates with R&B, Pop, and Hip Hop musicians as he finds that music is a therapy that he hopes to share with anyone willing to resonate with his sound and journey.

Tackling an introspective showcase with an abundance of sultry melodies released in his most recent single, “Personal,” Austin Riddle places his wide vocal range on the main stage as he delves into sensual tenors of honesty.

The angelic like timbres that drip from a soulful place within himself have you gravitating towards each word that he sheds in this elusive offering of profound candor. The lyrical motif that reigns superlative is, “don’t take it personally.”

Four words that he reiterates in the mesmerizing hook as you fall deep into the luscious vibrations that Austin Riddle generously serves up to his audience in the ambient arrangement.

In the evocative lyrical content that is dispensed in an emotionally gripping manner, you find yourself swaying to the mid-tempo instrumentation that buoyantly flows through your speakers. This immersive soundscape has you deep in a pool of your thoughts as you grasp each reverberated hue that simmers in a blistering pot of Austin Riddle’s talents.

“Personal,” is an opportunity for Austin Riddle to say what we’re all thinking. By creating relatable content for us to fervently grasp onto, we are further lured into the rabbit hole of bottomless creations that we’re always thrilled to hear from this emerging artist.

Congratulations on the release of, “Personal.” What prompted you to write on this subject in the single that we hear?

This song for me is a turning point for my career and my music in general. It is a testament to my growth as a person and how I have to upgrade in life. It talks about the importance of focusing on yourself even if you have to cut some people out for a moment, but in doing that, assuring those people to not take it “personal”.

Could you please share a glimpse of what the creative process looked like when recording “Personal?"

I started with creating the bass line and being intrigued with the possibilities that could go with it and just sprouted from there.

As one to collaborate with various artists, do you have a dream collaboration that you would be thrilled to take part in? Why?

I want to do a song with Justin Bieber. I think that we have a ton in common vocally and musically. I think that I could write killer songs for him.

With each artist being their own biggest critics, at what point do you know a song is ready to record, and then ready to release?

When the mix feels perfect. When I can listen throughout the whole song and it feels complete like nothing is missing.

What's next for you?

Hopefully, I can play shows as soon as possible. When the world opens up, I plan on performing for the people that support me and my music.



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