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Donnie Visa Insists He's "Not One Of Them," In Recent Single Release

Dallas Dante Clair, known artistically as Donnie Visa, has a personalized rap style that fits well into his singing and songwriting abilities. As an artist who is recognized for his eclectic vocal delivery, Donnie Visa enjoys crafting songs that are full of spice (and everything nice).

"Not One Of Them" begins with a high-energy beat, and soon enough Donnie Visa integrates his distinguishable lines. He's bold and self-assured with his delivery, never missing a beat and executing the flow with pinpoint precision.

"Not One Of Them" has that same quality energy you'd find in the mix of a Spotify Top 100 Hip/Hop playlist for 2021. Donnie Visa articulated his thoughts and ideas well throughout "Not One Of Them", and the track saw a ton of clever, subtle wordplay.

A music video accompanied the "Not One Of Them" track release, and the chosen visuals were perfectly arranged for the energy the song gives off. Donnie Visa is the star of the show, and the video takes viewers on an intriguing journey, which you'll have to tune in to see for yourself.

All in all, Donnie Visa's "Not One Of Them" was right on track for what the current Hip/Hop music scene welcomes, and we're waiting to see where Donnie Visa will take his inspiration next.

Hello Donnie Visa, and thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic to talk about your latest release, "Not One of Them." What kind of intention did you have with the release of "Not One Of Them?"

My intention for the release of “Not One of Them” was for people to say, “oh that’s hard” or “that’s lit bro!” when they hear the song. I’m always swinging for hits!

How were you hoping your listeners would view you after listening to and watching the video for "Not One Of Them?"

I want listeners to fall into the world of Donnie Visa and Approved Way when they watch my music videos and listen to my music. I want my listeners to dig for more.

Are there any reservations you had going into the writing and/or recording process for "Not One Of Them?"

Nope, I didn’t have any reservations during the writing or recording process. I just treated it like any other song and went right to work.

As an artist who views himself as eccentric, how would you describe "Not One Of Them" as being an eccentric style of music?

Honestly, to me, it’s everything about the song. The name of the song and the all-around vibe of the music and the video are nothing like anything you’ve heard before.

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