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DOPE NEW ARTIST ALERT: Omni Clutch Gives Us “Prey”

Omni Clutch is a 20 year old, hardworking working, Floridian artist that won’t stop till he gets what he is after. He doesn’t know the meaning of give up and does his best to put his heart and soul into his music. Omni Clutch just begin writing music last year and has continued to evolve into the artist he is today. Running through his social media he describes this song to be for the people who ever felt like they’ve been targeted and feel stuck his goal is to let those know there’s a way out and that we endure struggle so we can teach wisdom. Such a great beginning to his latest release “Prey”.

Coming into this song I have to mention what I saw first which was the cover artwork. The layering and details in the cover really just sets it off! Then that wolf in the beginning or the song really sets the tone and I mean what an introduction! There is also a few key tones in the background that continue throughout the song that give it this electronic vibe. Then the beats come in with his vocals and gives you this unique sound. To only be writing for a year this artist has some talent! Looking forward to hearing and seeing more from this artist!

Get to know Omni Clutch through our interview questions below, and catch "Prey" here.

What’s going on? Care to introduce yourself?

My stage name is Omni Clutch Omni meaning of all things and clutch meaning perfect timing basically everyday your actions are based off a certain energy everyday wether directly or indirectly I am charismatic full of energy I cannot have bad vibes around me.

What made you decide to become an artist?

I decided to become a artist when I saw my friends doing it and thought it was pretty cool and decided to do it myself but way before I saw them do it I would always write to a instrumental of my favorite song so I’ve always had it in me.

Who are some of your musical influences that have helped shape your career in the music industry?

My biggest musical influence of all time is Michael Jackson ever since I was a kid I would watch him sing and dance and I’d always copy his moves another one would be Chris brown singing and dancing Swae lee of Rae scremmurd because he brings the Melody’s something I try to provide in my music xxxtentacion is my favorite of all time though because I loved what he wanted did with himself turn around on a different path and changed so much people

Can you give us some background to your new single “Prey”?

Prey is one of those deep songs if you really listen to what I’m saying but can also be something you can vibe too I made this song for everyone who’s ever felt like they’ve been targeted just wanted to tell them they’re not the only ones and they can rise above it.

What can we expect from you through 2019?

Consistency I don’t want to let up and I want to keep making music and go somewhere with it help others in any way I can just like xxxtentacion did.


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