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Dos Floris Wishes An Old Lover Well From Afar On “Somebody Else”

It’s tough, but you can wish someone who’s harmed you well, just from a distance.

Having traversed Europe with punk, rock, and other genre-defying bands, electrifying musical talent Dos Floris has quickly made a name for herself.

As she ventures into the intricate relationship between music, the cosmos, and the human spirit, she’s woven a powerful musical tapestry that has captivated her listeners and kept them hanging on her every word. As Floris continues to strive and reach even higher heights, she’s made one extremely clear: this is a talent you’ll want to keep your eyes on for the future.

At the helm of this mesmerizing project is Florence Donovan, a classically trained, world-worn, and eclectic soul who invites listeners into a realm where electronic soundscapes intertwine with the profound intersections of her life’s journey.

The beginning of musician Dos Floris’s grand musical adventure traces back to a childhood where, at the age of five, she found herself singing songs to flowers. Little did anyone know, this would be a prelude to a lifelong connection with the language of music. Fast forward, and she’s captured the hearts of listeners with exquisite releases like “Silence” and “Water” that tug not just at the heart but also the soul.

With its soft instrumentals and a gentle yet impassioned and emotional vocal performance, Floris’ latest offering, “Somebody Else,” provides a tantalizing glimpse into Floris’ forthcoming album “Broken Love.” Keeping with the themes of honest reflection expressed in “Broken Love,” “Somebody Else” is a cathartic journey back to self after an emotionally charged separation.

Lyrics like “Cause if you're not sitting right within yourself, tell me what can I do? /

When I've always been true, always following you” shows great maturity even during heartbreak, even as heartwrenching lyrics like “Keep a hold on your heart and your head / Now I wish you the best / Just with somebody else” detail the internal conflict that comes with wishing someone who has hurt you well, just from afar.

As Dos Floris continues to shoot for the stars, the sky gets closer to her daily. Whenever you’re ready, tap in and stream Dos Floris’ new release, “Somebody Else,” on all majour streaming platforms.

Welcome to BUZZ, Dos Floris. We loved "Somebody Else," so we had to ask: What inspired this release? Were you pulling from personal experience?

Thank you so much. Yes, this song came from personal experience, as it marked the beginning of the end of my marriage. The words just wrote themselves in one gulp onto notes on my phone, and when I sat down at the piano, the melody was there, too. All I had to do was find the chords.

What was your favorite part of the creative process for this release?

The whole song came together so quickly. Everything I touched in that instant just happened to fit. When I turned on the preamp to record the vocals, I didn't even check the settings (which were set to a pretty heavy gain) as it was meant to be a demo. Those are the vocals that you hear on there. The life experience was heavy and painful, but the song creation was light and effortless.

What does music mean to you, and what's been your favorite part of your musical journey so far?

Music communicates emotions that I struggle to express precisely in everyday life. I see music in colors, images, and feelings. It has this magic way of reaching and grabbing you where you didn't know you needed to be grabbed. My favorite part of my journey so far is all the people who reach out and tell me how much my music means to them. It's extraordinary that you can record something in a room alone and reach listeners miles away.

How would you describe your music to someone who hasn't heard it before?

The musical equivalent of taking a hallucinogenic drug.

What's next for Dos Floris? Can we expect to hear more new music soon, and is there anything you want to say to your fans?

My second album, "Broken Love," has just been released on vinyl/CD, which is available on my website and Bandcamp and will also be in record shops as soon as I find the time. Streaming the next song, "Mountains," comes out on the 8th of December, and then I'll be playing the entire album live on piano at a gig in The Camden Chapel, London, on the 30th of November. Another album is also in the pipeline. It's just finding the time to do it all!

Immense gratitude goes out to my fans. There is such value in the creative process, and once you have something you are happy with, you can only hope that people resonate with it - that bit is beyond your control. So, thank you for coming on this journey with me.


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