Double the Fun With Tommy Drinkard & the Remedy With Two Singles "Wastin'" and "Breeze"

The Los Angeles 4-piece Tommy Drinkard & the Remedy returns to BuzzMusic with two sweet-sounding singles, "Wastin'" and "Breeze." They are influenced by classic acts such Bob Marley & the Wailers, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and more. During their previous interview with us, Tommy Drinkard & the Remedy mentioned that after Tommy Drinkard's first group disbanded and he was looking for musicians, the band's chemistry was instantly flowing with the help of Eric Lee (bass), Anwar Glenn (guitar), and Ty Key (drums).

With the release of their single "Wastin'," Tommy Drinkard mentioned that his friend sent him a text with the first two lines of the song while Tommy was strumming away on his front porch. Trying to capture that fun-loving and free-spirited party energy that we all know and love. Yet taking a look at their next single "Breeze," Tommy Drinkard fell upon this melody in the middle of the night. Escaping to his car to create and write his emotions surrounding a heated debate with a friend, Tommy mentioned that the song is about overcoming these hardships and how time heals all wounds. Tommy Drinkard & the Remedy's single "Wastin'" begins with bright and cheerful acoustic guitar picking from Anwar Glenn. Once the foot-tapping beat kicks in, we can feel the soul that's infused with this single as it exudes an incredibly fun-loving feel and atmosphere. Tommy Drinkard begins singing about happily wasting his time away with someone, while Ty Key's drum patterns keep the track alive along with Eric Lee's deep and steady bassline. Truly a track that brings a ray of light to our days, we're only excited to be "Wastin'" our time away in the heat of the summer.

Bringing on more of a mellow approach with their next single "Breeze," the song opens as soft as satin. Anwar Glenn's mesmerizing acoustic guitar picking truly opens the track with nothing but beauty and harmony. Tommy Drinkard begins singing passionate lyrics like "We can ride until we die, as long as we can let things slide," a perfect motto for anyone who seems to hold onto their past too tightly. Meeting the hook, Tommy Drinkard's groovy electric guitar and Eric Lee's soft bassline turns this track into a melodic masterpiece. Not to mention the incredible percussion shifts from Ty Key, he adds brilliant tempo changes that introduce different dynamic levels. We love the message that Drinkard provided with "Breeze," and we're excited to see how Tommy Drinkard & the Remedy's will top this.