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Douse Yourself in the Flames of Dat Boy Supa and CasinoATX's Latest Single

Paving the way for up-and-coming hip-hop artists to follow, the likes of Dat Boy Supa and CasinoATX are far from the final chapters of their solo and collaborative careers. The Texas-based duo SupaSino recently teamed up with Willie B to create their rhythmic single and accompanying music video entitled "Sinner's Prayer."

Thanks to their love and respect for the creative game, Dat Boy Supa and CasinoATX met on various occasions until teaming up with producer Chef Greezy who helped the two artists form SupaSino. Although both artists took a few breaks to focus on their personal lives, Dat Boy Supa and CasinoATX are back and better than ever with the release of their collaborative album, 'AfroFuturistic.'

Leading the way of the project is the album's hit single, "Sinner's Prayer," along with an accompanying music video that showcases the artists' physical passion and energetic performances overtop of their meaningful and rhythmic bars. Not to mention the flaming feature of rapper Willie B, Dat Boy Supa, and CasinoATX are eager to take listeners under their wing and soar them through the realms of versatile hip-hop.

Find Dat Boy Supa and CasinoATX's latest single, "Sinner's Prayer (feat. Willie B" on all digital streaming platforms, and take a listen to their album 'AfroFuturistic' while you're at it.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Dat Boy Supa and CasinoATX. What inspired both of you to create this album? What themes or concepts do you present within the project?

Dat Boy Supa: I think I was in a place where I was finally ready to create again. I heard some beats thought they were dope and linked up with Sino and started writing. I think the ease of having someone to bounce ideas off of really helped with the process. As for themes, pro-black pro-nerd, pro-education, pro-fun just being comfortable with yourself.

CasinoATX: I had taken an almost 5-year break from doing music, so I had a lot to talk about. So many changes in the music industry had occurred, and being on the sidelines watching it all, gave me a lot of material to write and speak about. We talk about everything from Nerd stuff, our thoughts on the present state of Hip-Hop and the current trap atmosphere, to even theology. We really wanna make people think when they listen to this album.

How long was the album 'AfroFuturistic' in the making?

Dat Boy Supa: I think what about six months or so. How long did it take to write and record the entire project? Six months or so. Once we decide to create it we hit the ground running. Would've been faster but we recorded and wrote around our respective work schedules.

CasinoATX: Pretty quickly all things considered. We picked out all of the beats in one night. Had all of the hooks and concepts completed within a week or two of that. The recording and mixing of course took the longest since we had to work around our schedules. but pretty fast.

Speaking on the album's lead single, "Sinner's Prayer," how does the single fit into the album's concept or approach?

Dat Boy Supa: Approach, I think it is a fun parody of life in the black church. And throughout the album, we shine a light on several things like this.

CasinoATX: Sinner's prayer will let you know everything you need to know about what you're about to get yourself into with this album. It jams, but it is different! It's gonna make you pay attention to what we're saying, and you're either gonna love it or hate it, but you sure as hell won't forget it, LOL. We figured anyone that can keep riding with us after this song, will for sure love this album.

Why did both of you want to bring Willie B on board for a feature on "Sinner's Prayer?" What was your collaborative experience between the three of you?

Dat Boy Supa: Willie B is a great artist and we just felt like his voice and energy would bring a lot to the project. The collaborative effort was seamless in my opinion. These are my brothers so it was like working with family but more fun.

CasinoATX: We've both known Willie for years, and I had worked with him on some previous collaborations. Willie has that perfect take 'em to church choir boy feel to his vocals, that fits this song perfectly. We actually feature Willie on two other songs on the album as well.

What's next for you both?

Dat Boy Supa: The collaborative effort was seamless in my opinion. These are my brothers so it was like working with family but more fun. What's next for me is probably a solo EP then hopefully another SupaSino album!

CasinoATX: I'm putting the final touches on a solo project called "The Kush Dr.". I'm hoping Supa does a solo album of his own, and then I have some plans for a bombatious SupaSino follow-up to "AfroFuturistic. I'd give ya'll the title but these rap cats like to steal ideas, so I won't say, but Supa and I have a lot more planned moving forward from here. For the remainder of 2021 and all of 2022, you WILL see a lot of us!


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