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Dozie Brings Back a Reminiscent Feel with R&B/Hip-Hop Driven Single, "Let Me Go"

Canadian Hip/Hop artist Dozie is all about crafting his sound naturally and authentically.

With a tracklist of already over 20 songs since 2019, Dozie has consistently exhibited his ability to remain active and versatile. In December 2019, Dozie hosted his very first show, which found itself to be completely sold-out and ultimately generating insane buzz for his music. Ready to propel himself and his sound even further, Dozie has released his highly anticipated single, "Let Me Go."

"Let Me Go" heavily gives off early 00's R&B vibes, conforming to the smooth and slick style many of us find ourselves resonating with. Dozie takes the opportunity within the track to venture along with themes of lust, realization regarding such lust, and all of the emotions involved with everything combined. One aspect of "Let Me Go" that doesn't go unnoticed is the effortless flow and smooth quality of the executed performance by Dozie.

As an artist, Dozie really knows how to appeal to his audience, all while remaining most true to himself and his own style. "Let Me Go" takes Dozie and his music to a new level, and if you've given a listen to his older tracks (which we highly recommend you do), you'll easily notice the progression within his musical nature.

Dozie's constantly leveling up with his style, and "Let Me Go" innately proves that, only leaving us in even greater anticipation for future music.

We found it incredibly natural to vibe along with "Let Me Go", and your projected style within the track. What kind of mindset did you have in place while choosing the production for this particular track of yours?

I was obsessed with J.Lo’s "Love Don't Cost a Thing" after hearing it again while shuffling through youtube videos. I realized that we’d been stuck at home for so long because of Covid. "Let Me Go" was my way of bringing back the energy and excitement we felt when going out with friends and listening to the 2000’s hits. Coming off my most recent single "AC Milan" it only felt right to come back with a song that brought the same energy we’d been missing.

There are undoubtedly a ton of influences packed into your tracks. What kind of influence would you say mainly drove the essence of "Let Me Go"?

I've always been a fan of the 2000’s era hip hop and RnB music. From artists like Mario to Kanye who took old school samples and hooks to make game-changing songs. "Let Me Go" is driven by old school hip hop, from references about Cadillacs and Akon to the Destiny Child-like vocals on the hooks and bridges.

How do you view your own progression of sound within "Let Me Go", compared to other singles you've released in the past?

"Ac Milan" was my last single and is reaching the 100k point in streaming. I guess with this song I had to prove to myself that I could make hits in two very different sounds, one being more UK and Afro beats hip hop and the other being the more American flow. This was a creative test for me.

As an artist who only continues to grow and advance with his crafted sound, what can your audience expect next with future releases?

My audience can expect growth! I plan to keep releasing new music and more music videos. But my ultimate goal is to be global. I want my music streaming on every continent in the world and in every country.

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020? What can we expect to see next from you as we enter a new year?

Being home due to the pandemic has honestly been such a catalyst for me. It's forced me to listen to more beats, find new songs, and flex my music-making muscles through late nights in Calgary.



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