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Dr. Ally K Releases "Up, Up & Away"

Dr. Ally K is a new contemporary artist with an urban pop style that ranges from EDM ,

Hip Hop and even Rap. Ally graduated as an Ontario Scholar from Claude Watson Secondary

School of Performing Arts in Toronto and received The Theatre reward for Dramatic

performance and instruction. Winning numerous gold medals at various music festivals , Ally

was eventually commissioned to compose music for ‘Orchids’ a full-length musical.

Up,Up, & Away” is a track on Ally’s EP of the same name with a vibrant and youthful

pop synth sound. In this song, Dr. Ally K expresses her views of today’s society and how

everyone seems to be so egocentric especially with social media. Youthful yet effective, Ally

sings a bright poppy chorus that focuses on how she is reflecting on people’s behavior in this

day and age. “Have we become too egocentric, pushing people around right of the sphere”, is a

lyric that can really be taken for face value. An anthem of 2019 and of those in their youth, this

song will cause many to reflect on their actions and themselves as people.This message of self

reflection and contemplating about what really matters is something that pop artists tend to


Listen to "Up, Up & Away" here, and learn more about Dr. Ally K in our interview below!

Hello, could you introduce yourself to our readers?

My name is Dr Ally K, I have been a musician for many years now, however I decided to become a doctor and get out and practice for a bunch of years and now I have restarted my music career. I have a couple of kids, one of them has severe autism. 

How do you perceive the music industry and the individuals in it? Where do you see your place in it?

The music industry is constantly changing like every other industry. It’s always been about being in the right place at  the right time and knowing the right people, and also being good at what you do. 

However, I have noticed distinct changes with respect to promotion marketing and even distribution in this age. Artists are their own promoters for so long into it and really need to work hard to get to the point where an actual promoter would even consider working with them. Very different from the past. I’m fortunate to have perspective from the past.

I see myself as a performance artist. Although I am an instrumentalist and a producer and a writer, I am my best in front of an audience, And although I love the studio, I see myself touring dancing around singing and playing while telling stories for the fans.

What inspires you to song write and create music? 

It’s an interesting question because it used to be all about my own issues and I think if you look at young artists of today a lot of what they are writing about is the pain that they are going through. If you check out some of my older songs that I have revamped they are about pain that I endured as a kid, and my newer stuff is more about other peoples pain and our society and advocating for causes. Essentially I am now writing stories and lyrics that involve other peoples pain. It’s an honour  to be in ambassador for that.

Do you think that mainstream pop music is progressing in the music industry?

I think it is. Pop will always have a place in mainstream music. I do believe that rap and hip-hop is taking over to an extent which concerns me from the perspective of young individuals and their role models. I would love to be a positive role model. I don’t want parents closing their kids ears when they listen to my music. I would like him to encourage it. I think pop will continue to hold its firm place in the industry. I certainly hope it does :/

Was there a certain event that caused you to write Up,Up & Away?

Absolutely. My brother Jess and I wrote it when he decided to move permanently to Thailand. 

Leaving meant leaving this type of North American society. 

It’s kind of funny, we are selling Water, the natural look... like the song says, “everyone is a tourist here

I think he ( Jess )decided that he would follow his heart and move to a place where he could live a more spiritual existence —while I stayed here on the other side of the planet becoming a doctor - I still wanted to go “Up, Up & away” I guess by being cognizant of what’s going on around you you can be! 

Now, if the good people of the world are listening to my songs and enjoying the messages I will have an opportunity to either go Up Up Or AWAY?? Haha 


Connect with Dr. Ally K:


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