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Dre Day 100 Gets Old School With His Flaming Single, "Ride With Me"

Hailing from Austin, Texas, songwriter, rapper, and hip-hop recording artist Dre Day 100 takes us on a heated old-school journey with his latest hit, "Ride With Me."

The up-and-coming artist's talent, notoriety, and fanbase are constantly growing at an impressive rate. Dre Day 100 has had the chance to open for acts like Riff Raff, Xavier Wulf, Big Pokey, and ESG. He's performed eight shows and dropped 14 powerhouse singles that perfectly reflect his work ethic, dedication, and hunger for music.

Dre Day 100 is an artist who feeds off his fanbase; he was asked for songs that showcase soul and his background. Dre Day 100 took that constructive criticism and created the bouncy bop, "Ride With Me." The song contains no explicit lyrics, making it perfect for any audience, and it's also sonically infectious, staying in our minds like an earworm with no way out.

Hitting play on the new single, "Ride With Me," we're met with a heated old-school introduction through nostalgic synths and heavy drum breaks. As Dre Day 100 jumps in, he invites us to bounce with him to this groovy beat while capturing our attention with his dominant vocal delivery and rhythmic bars.

As he jumps into the verse, Dre Day 100 showcases his charisma through his engaging performance while riding the beat with incredible rhythm, soul, and energy. We adore the vibe of this confident and poised hip-hop tune; it's enough to keep our speakers smoking from the fiery sonics and Dre Day 100's scorching hot delivery.

Groove into the soulful and nostalgic depth of Dre Day 100's latest single, "Ride With Me," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

We're totally impressed with your energy and soul within your latest single, "Ride With Me." What inspired you to create this heavy old-school hip-hop track?

Appreciate you, family. My inspiration for this track I would say is my old soul personality ya know. From all the 90's G Funk music, I listen to. To the way I talk, act, dress, and my wisdom. Like I tell people, once you get to know me you would think I was reincarnated from 1992 or something.

What sort of scene of feeling did you want to paint with your bars in "Ride With Me"? What did you want the listener to feel and take away?

I wanted the audience to get to know my background a little bit. I look at my life like a lowrider. I live life at a smooth and steady pace but there have been some ups, downs, and bounces like a person hitting switches in a 64 Impala. That's why I named the track Ride With Me so they can capture that feeling. I want them to hear about my smooth life and my bouncy life nah mean.

Who produced the wavy and heavy sonics for "Ride With Me"? What sort of vibe did you want the production to offer?

Ghost produced this one. And he did the beat some justice cause the feeling I was looking for was a bouncy type west coast beat that I could actually write something real and authentic too and he nailed it right on the head.

Do you usually lean towards old-school sounds, similar to "Ride With Me"? Why is this sound so important to you?

Oh yes, I sure do. Most of the catalog has that sound. It's a sound that I grew up with and brings the genuine side out of me. I can rap to any sound but that old-school West coast sound just brings a different and creative side out of me. It appeals to my old soul ya feel me.

What's next for you?

An EP is definitely in full effect. Matter of fact "Ride With Me" is gonna be on there and I feel like that track is one that lets the audience know what my project is all about. It's about my lifestyle and the trials and tribulations that I went through to enhance myself. The project will be like a book telling real stories. Be on the lookout for the 1Hunna Man EP.


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