Dreaming In Color with Mr MooQ

Mr MooQ started his musical career with the love of writing music, which shortly transitioned into creating his own music. He worked around the clock with firing energy and musical drive. He started planning his next big move by composing, producing and performing everything himself. He was completely captivated, until all the different music elements seamlessly locked into place.

Mr MooQ has recently released his latest single 'Dreaming In Color'. Mr MooQ takes you on a magical music journey with this song, with many different creative elements. The electric beat is perfect to groove along to, while his vocals are more drawn out and relaxed. Mr MooQ has created the ultimate romantic feel-good song. His lyrics will get you wrapped up in the groove, and looking for true love. This soulful, contemporary pop ballad will change your black and white mood into a colorful musical dream. We recommend adding 'Dreaming In Color' to your playlist for an instant mood boost.

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