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Dreemkid Illuminates the Way With His Mixtape, "Jaded"

Born as Jordan Mason in 1998, the Californian raised Dreemkid was a mere teenager when his career had started. Being inspired by his sister who tackles the music industry as an artist, Dreemkid’s love for recording music was quickly discovered.

His start on SoundCloud led him to grow a dedicated fan base fixated on the sounds and stories he shares. With his debut mixtape, “Jaded,” is on display for all to hear, it’s no wonder that this artist is taking off at a rapid speed.

With nine tracks being featured on this sonic adventure of perception, we embrace the soothing resonance that this eclectic blend of new wave music brings. Commencing the collection of songs with a track such as “Wild One,” we get to embrace the melodic essence that comes naturally to the artistic virtuoso of Dreemkid. He has an impeccable versatility that allows him to thrive in both the realm of contemporary R&B and Hip-hop as he displays fortified qualities that prove his penmanship sinks deep into the paper.

Depicting narratives that stem from a place of adoration, the themes so profoundly expressed by Dreemkid in “Love or Lust!” have us swooning over the musical basis that’s bolstered within the speakers. We get to experience an array of up-tempo vibrations that have us swimming in harmonious bliss, all while other songs such as “College Girl,” have us focused on the lyricism and storytelling that Dreemkid encompasses his music.

Similar to a record like “Complicated,” there’s a mesmerizing depth that has us fixated upon the intricacy that the words embody. Not many artists can produce spellbinding cadences, and stories worth listening to but Dreemkid manages to do it all in an effortless manner that has us awestruck.

With two of the tracks introducing us to the talents of artists that help to accentuate the skill set of Dreemkid, we have the pleasure of hearing unalloyed dynamism ricochet through the sound waves at finer moments of musical grace. “Purple Rain,” enlists the harmonic elements of Youngin Floe and SKE Lynn as the smooth instrumentation acts as a fortified foundation for each melodically powered word to flourish in a massive way.

The impact that it leaves behind is vastly different from that of the second featured song, “PRM,” but they both manage to leave you with a lingering sense of Dreemkid’s spirit on your mind. Kicking it up a notch with the vigorous soundscape of “PRM,” we have both Dreemkid and Don Duno taking us through the amplified elements that are swarming in trademarks of a certified hit.

The enticing instrumentation that pushes “Cleveland” forward has us truly grasping onto the importance of the words that Dreemkid shares with listeners as he gets vulnerable with us. Taking us through the cognizant purpose that is laced into the meaning of this song, we don’t need a hook to drown us in the infectious energy depicted. His lyrics are blatant to the point of creating vivid imagery that tells his tale through this crazy little thing called life. Making it easy for us to empathize and relate to him, Dreemkid takes the helm of his own ship and steers us into themes that are more powerful through multiple occurrences.

What we love the most about the sequence of songs we get to experience, has to be that no two songs sound alike. We embrace the uniqueness that trickles from Dreemkid in a manner that has him showcasing the various angles of his soul, charisma, irrefutable charm.

Completing “Jaded,” with the introspective sounds of “Billy Jean,” we find that this whole body of work has led us through a seamless offering of each song taken in. Approaching this record with a sultry tone that resides in the barrel of his performance abilities, Dreemkid does a wonderful job at gracefully implanting us into the aftermath of “Jaded.” We highly suggest you take a listen for yourself and clasp on your favorite song found on all major streaming platforms

Thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic Dreemkid and congratulations on the release of your debut mixtape “Jaded.” With many themes and pieces of you brought to life, could you please walk us through the concept that you have weaved into this collection of songs?

The concept behind “jaded” was really a walk through my life the ups and downs of how my life has been going for the last year from relationships to going through different experiences, with “jaded” I kinda take you through a happy time of my life, a party time of my life, and a sad time of my life.

How long did it take you to create this body of work? With this being your first project released, were there any challenges that you had to overcome in order to bring “Jaded” to light?

The process of making “jaded” was about a 2-month process I work fast but at the same time, I feed off of perfection a lot of the songs were mixed by myself and my close friend youngin floe, and also all written or free-styled all by myself one-man army over here but the job always gets done.

Out of the nine songs that you introduce to us, is there a particular one that resonates with you more than the others? Why?

All of the songs on this tape very much resonate with me but there is one song, in particular, that does the most and that would be Billy Jean the last track on the album when I wrote that song I was going to relationship problems and that drove me to make that song.

What has been your biggest takeaway from the process you embarked on?

My biggest takeaway would be to always follow your dreams always follow your heart no matter what somebody says no matter how many people put you down if you feel like that’s your next move make it your best move I’m just getting now into the game but I strive for longevity this is my first tape out and many more to come.

With every artist developing differently, what has been the best piece of advice that you’ve been given when it comes to your music career?

The best advice that I’ve gotten with music is to be yourself that’s all you can be don’t be afraid to show emotion that’s the best type of music that you can put out everybody in his life goes to something why hide it in the best advice I can give anybody else live your truth with that being said “jaded” the tape is OUT NOW.


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