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Drenalin Releases a Familiar Sound in a New Single, "Gold Dust Chain"

The Ohio-based hard-rock/metal six-piece band Drenalin pays a unique tribute to Fleetwood Mac with their brilliant and exhilarating single, "Gold Dust Chain."

Comprised of Dan Gutschmidt, Justin Karallus, Justin Fuller, Nick Galbincea, Jonny Sarich, and Mike Scarvelli, Drenalin is excited to release their forthcoming album, 'UNRESTRICTED,' later this year. Known for their musical versatility, Drenalin delves into genres like new wave, rap, alternative r&B, post-hardcore, country-rock, pop, fueled in their hard-rock/metal base.

Recently releasing their latest hard-hitting single, "Gold Dust Chain," Drenalin brings something unique and truly special to our ears within this release. As they push through the single with vast power and poise, Drenalin pays a powerful tribute to Fleetwood Mac's smash hit, "The Chain."

Hitting play on "Gold Dust Chain," the track opens with crashing instrumentation and a similar banjo picking to the intro of Fleetwood Mac's "The Chain." As Dan Gutschmidt begins pouring his raspy and powerful vocals over our ears, he delves into lyrics of a gold dust woman moving and grooving her way through the rock n' roll scene.

We're completely enamored by Justin Karallus and Dan Gutschmidt's dual vocal portrayal, as they drench us in power and might with help from Justin Fuller's lead guitar, Nick Galbincea's scorching rhythm guitar, Jonny Sarich's thumping bassline, and Mike Scarvelli's blazing drum breaks. Around the hook, Drenalin dives deep into the iconic hook within "The Chain," where they soak us in their heavy instrumentation and hardcore sonic approach.

Take a walk through nostalgia with help from Drenalin's latest tribute to Fleetwood Mac in "Gold Dust Chain," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic Drenalin, we absolutely adore the unique tribute to Fleetwood Mac within your latest powerhouse single, "Gold Dust Chain." What inspired you to create this special tribute?

All of us being huge fans of Fleetwood Mac and their songwriting, we thought we would pay tribute to their genius with a one-of-a-kind cover combining two of their very popular songs. Could you break down your band's creative process when formulating the powerful instrumentation within "Gold Dust Chain?" What was the entire process like in the studio? We picked Gold Dust Woman and The Chain for the mashup because we felt that not only are they amazingly written and performed songs, they feel like they complement each other very well in the same exact song structure. We tried to make it sound as seamless as possible where one might not even notice the song was a combination of two previous songs. As with all our compositions, we come up with the initial idea, perform it live many times in rehearsal to iron out the details, then begin tracking in the studio. Once a solid demo is produced we run it through its paces including everything from song structure and test audience feedback to mixing and mastering. Once it passes with flying colors we are ready to release it to the masses. Did you work with any producers to put the finishing touches and finalize your single, "Gold Dust Chain?" Or did your group handle this process? As always, Drenalin produces everything you see and hear from scratch without any outside help. While this currently leaves us lacking the luxury of label touring support or mass airplay, our souls still get fulfillment from all the creative freedom we have on a daily. For our readers who aren't too familiar with this type of process, how were you able to legally use the lyrics within Fleetwood Mac's "The Chain" for your single, "Gold Dust Chain?" The distribution site we use is awesome enough to take care of the legalities for us in this regard. We upload our cover while giving credit to the original composer/song and the site ensures the original artist will receive their recognition and royalties. What's next for you? We have a one-of-a-kind 360* music video we are releasing in conjunction with the single for Gold Dust Chain. This will totally immerse the viewer in a custom-created environment with Easter eggs paying homage to many elements of Fleetwood Mac and its members. It was created by our friends at 2immersive4u and will give fans a full 360* experience right on their phone or device - no VR headset required. We also have quite a few more singles we’re releasing on this “Unrestricted” album and we hope the more everyone hears them, the more relevant the album name will become.


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