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Drench Yourself in "The Color Blue" With Bo Baskoro's Latest Hit

Hailing from Portland, Oregon, singer-songwriter and alternative-pop recording artist Bo Baskoro releases a romantic and touching single with "The Color Blue."

The Pacific Northwest-based artist is known for his percussive ear candy, lyrical honesty, and energizing production. He's had the pleasure of sharing stages with acts like Tessa Violet and Allison Sudol of A Fine Frenzy. His hit single, "High (Keep Up)," accumulated nearly 2 million streams on Spotify and continues to make waves today.

Hitting our speakers with one of the most feel-good and romantic singles of the year, "The Color Blue," Bo Baskoro can be heard describing his love and desire for someone special while grooving alongside the cinematic production and driving rhythm. We love the song's genuine emotion and heartfelt appeal, as it perfectly sets the scene for a romantic getaway into the sunset.

Listening to "The Color Blue," the song opens with a delicate piano melody that drops into a bright and lively alt-pop instrumental. As Bo Baskoro makes his vocal appearance on the first verse, the song's light drum breaks begin to crash through while driving us to the exhilarating hook. We love the catchy melodies and honest lyricism that Bo Baskoro delivers in this piece; his description of his passion and affection for someone is nothing but intoxicating.

With the addition of warm and melodic electric guitars, the song continues to soar over our speakers with nothing but passion and energy. We're more than pleased with the outcome of this brilliant and heartwarming single, as it perfectly showcases Bo Baskoro's innate talent and dense creative abilities.

Witness the limitless passion and power of Bo Baskoro's latest single, "The Color Blue," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Bo Baskoro. What an exciting and passionate listening experience you've provided with your latest single, "The Color Blue." What inspired this romantic and heartfelt piece?

It actually started out as a major heartbreak song but I decided that I didn’t want to give that experience any more thought or energy. I decided to rewrite it about how I wanted to feel after something that hurt so badly. I think it’s so funny going back to the old lyrics of the song because it’s just so depressing, whereas now when I listen to this song, I genuinely smile every time. How did you want to make the listener feel when experiencing your single "The Color Blue?"

The way I imagined this song was like the first time you had a big crush on someone and they were into you too. You had just gotten your license and you two are off on a drive and you’re just running around having fun together. I want the listener to feel something sort of like that, sort of like finding new love. Did you collaborate with any producers for "The Color Blue?" What vibe or feeling did you want the song's production to give off?

I worked with my buddy Justin Abel to finish production for this one. The first time we produced it, we knew we wanted a retro sound but I feel like this time around we really nailed it. Are passionate and energetic songs like "The Color Blue" a regular occurrence for you? Do you usually create such uplifting and feel-good tunes like this?

Haha, most of my songs are actually quite the opposite. This was actually the first song that made me think “I should really be more positive."


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