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Drew Haley Pays Homage to the "A Good Woman"

The East Coast-hailing recording artist and singer-songwriter Drew Haley pays tribute to women and mothers everywhere with her latest heartfelt single, "A Good Woman."

Drew Haley is never one to shy away from raw and honest songwriting; instead, her audience has gotten the opportunity to connect with her through genuine storytelling and emotional lyricism. Writing about her experiences with heartbreak, motherhood, and friendships, Drew Haley is ready to make a lasting impact on anyone who graces her sweet tunes.

Recently releasing her compelling and soothing single, "A Good Woman," listeners can hear Drew Haley tell the many stories a mother has to go through. Throughout the song's entirety, Drew Haley's soft vocals and accompanying folk-inspired instrumentals bring us the utmost reverence and admiration for the women in our lives who make the world go round.

Hitting play on the single, "A Good Woman," we're met with a blissful folk/country instrumental that takes off like a sonic breath of fresh air. As Drew Haley makes her way in, she and her soothing acoustic guitar begin to tell the tale of the many bellies fed and hands held from mothers across the world. She later expands on how mothers give up their entire lives to love and care for their children, how a "A Good Woman" would.

"Nothing compares to the heart of a mother," Drew Haley passionately sings while expressing her appreciation for not only her mother but the entire motherly role. This song is nothing but chilling; everything from Drew Haley's lush background harmonies to her downtempo instrumentals truly makes for a refreshing listening experience.

Show some love to the women in your life with help from Drew Haley's latest single, "A Good Woman," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Drew Haley. We're very appreciative of such a heartfelt and respectful song like "A Good Woman." What inspired you to write a song about the motherly role?

Well, as a mother myself, I realize so much more now than I did growing up all that my mom did for my brother and me. She sacrificed so much and loved us so well that it's how I know how to love my kids so well. She set a really high bar, and she continues till this day to put us first in such a selfless, incredible way. Whats always amazed me is that her mothering never stopped once we turned 18 and became young adults. If anything, it was after that age that we needed her guidance and support even more. There's nothing she wouldn't do for us. From helping my brother and I move to different cities countless times, literally bailing us out of jail and financial situations, helping raise our kids, and dropping anything to rush to our side in an emergency.. this woman deserves to be called a saint, after all, she's done so the least I can do is write her a song.

How did you want to make listeners feel and think when experiencing the softness and genuine emotion within "A Good Woman?

I hope it reminds them of someone in their life that showed them true, unconditional love, whoever that was.

Did you collaborate with any musicians to help create the instrumentals for "A Good Woman?" What was this creative process like?

I wrote the song myself on guitar, and my producer David Spencer played on it as well as Scotty Murray. I'm so grateful to get to work with such talented musicians. I usually write a song like this when I have very strong feelings. I was just really in awe of my mother and thinking of the long, long list of thank-yous I owed her and how I could never repay her if I tried. It was very emotional. Songs like that typically have a way of just falling onto the page

Was it easy for you to write about acknowledging what mothers go through during your songwriting process for "A Good Woman?"

It was easy. I understand it so much better because I'm also a mother. I know how hard it must have been on her and how good it was at times, the ups and downs of motherhood that she endured. It's a testament to pure unconditional love, and in my opinion, nobody does it better than a mother. I must add that my dad is one of my favorite human beings on the planet, and when he first heard the song, he joked, "When are you gonna write a song about me"? We have a very fun-loving relationship, and he instilled in me a good sense of humor at a young age, so I'm grateful for that as much as anything. I was always a daddy's girl growing up and thought he hung the moon, but it took me becoming a mother myself to understand her role and example in my life and appreciate it the way I do.

What can listeners anticipate to hear next from you?

Hang on because my next single gets dark… It's a song I wrote to a vision that I had that came out kind of haunting. The music video will capture the visual aspect of it in a way I've never done before. It'll be very different from anything else I've ever released. I can tell you that. I can't wait! I'm hoping it will be ready by the end of January or February. I want also to add that I'm so grateful and appreciate your support and interest in my music! God bless!


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