Drew Keenan Gets Retro Pop

Songwriter Drew Keenan just released the Monachopsis album and it's reeling with endlessly catchy pop songs that shout cries of a vintage alt-rock from days passed. The album is loaded with killer guitar-laden pop and with some soul attached. Songs like the featured "Sweet Cherry" is an absolute free-fall into everything you love about indie rock. Highly addictive and pure feeling. The song plays out like a summer song and gives the ability to portray a love song while almost making you remember days from your youth. Other songs like "Think Too  Much" are beachy and fun. Songs that make you get up and dance, have a good time and sing along to the tune. Monachopsis is all of these things all the way through. Well worth a listen or ten, Drew Keenan has released something pretty special and you can dig into it right HERE