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Drift Away to Elusive Bliss with Emily Coupe's, "Nursery Rhyme (Lullaby Version)"

Emily Coupe is an Australian Pop/Folk artist with a soul twist. Her fusion of sounds has developed over the years, with influences ranging from singer/songwriter staples such as Jewel, Alanis Morissette, Colbie Caillat, and Sheryl Crowe.

Los Angeles-based, Emily Coupe believes in sharing from the heart with a voice that at once is genuine and earthy, yet hopeful and filled with love and light. Her songs come from the story of her life and resonate with the listener as honest and probing reflections on her impressions and experiences.

Serenading listeners in a feast of tranquil elements, “Nursery Rhyme (Lullaby Version),” eases the spirited quintessence of listeners far and wide. With the instrumentation focusing on the prevailing piano keys performed, we are also offered up to a world of palliative strings allowing this arrangement to take us through a sonic voyage of peaks and dives.

The meaning of the poignant ballad has transitioned meanings throughout the years for Emily Coupe but has always been rooted in guidance and support. What began as a loving ode to her at the time, a very young cousin, there is significant meaning that is layered behind Emily Coupe’s heavenly vocalization. As Emily Coupe holds a vessel of sentimental emotion, she fluently pulls you into her realm of heartfelt self-reflection. Creating robust environments as she sings with transcendent tones, the level at which Emily Coupe elusively performs is unmatched. Multi-faceted with the talents she conveys, she continuously manages to pull her audience in with an inviting embrace of adoration.

“Nursery Rhyme (Lullaby Version),” is a prime example of the innovative approach that oozes confidently from Emily Coupe’s techniques we continue to fall in love with each release. Sail to comfort with her most recent single. We promise that you won’t regret it.

Congratulations on the release of, “Nursery Rhyme (Lullaby Version).” We are in awe of the gentle universe you have us floating to in this single. Could you please share what the creative process looked like when bringing this song to life?

Thanks so much! I had actually written this song several years ago, and have already released an acoustic guitar version a couple of years ago too. While creating the acoustic version we experimented with a piano demo version of this song while recording that track, and I recently showed it to my manager, and we were like hmmm maybe we should release a piano version too! It's almost like a cover of my own song, but it was super cool to release another spin on it. We added some extra parts to it, extended the interlude, and also enlisted the talents of Australian pianist Timothy Davey who really helped to bring the track to life, and add that mystical/floaty element to it.

You mentioned that this song has transitioned through meanings for yourself through the years. What are you hoping that your listeners take away from it?

I'm hoping that listeners will take away some kind of hope or knowingness that no matter what happens to you, good or bad, big or small, that someone will always be there for you. Whether it's a best friend, parent, co-worker, or spouse, or even more simply - yourself :) I find that at difficult times in my life the universe always delivers what I need, and people come to support you no matter what - sometimes when you least expect it. That message is woven throughout this song in a really metaphorical, visual way.

Can you tell us who and why you wrote this song for?

This song was originally inspired by my little baby cousin (who is not so little anymore) back in Australia, and so whenever I sing this song I think about her, and imagine I am singing it to her. I also wrote it because I was looking at trying out different styles of writing lyrically, trying to write in a more metaphorical way, and so this song came out. It was probably the most esoteric song I had written so far.

What happens to be your favorite part of the creative process? Why?

I do enjoy all of it, but I think one of my favorite parts is recording my final vocals, getting to play around with the harmonies, and then getting to see the song come to life. It's really cool hearing the final product after originally forming as an idea in your mind, sometimes in the middle of the night, and then actualizing it into physical reality. Also when playing your song with your band for the first time, seeing how they bring it to life even further, and then people coming to see you and telling you they like it. There's nothing really better than that.

In terms of 2021 releases, what do you have in store for listeners?

My overall goal is to keep recording as much as possible (I already have several songs chosen for release this year), and to pump out a new single every 4-5 weeks. So be expecting to be hearing a lot more from me this year! I am excited to release music that I have written most recently with awesome co-writers, so stay tuned :)



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