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Drift Into Daydreams With Gregory Zamir's New EP, 'Red Light Mood'

Los Angeles native and R&B/Soul Singer/Songwriter Gregory Zamir takes listeners on an unforgettable journey with his sensual and atmospheric EP, 'Red Light Mood.' Gregory attained his musical talent from family while gospel singing in his father's church and being introduced to various artists/composers like Mozart, Rufus and Chaka Khan, The Hawkins, and not to mention timeless R&B/soul which he thrives in today. With his latest EP "Red Light Mood," Gregory Zamir brings a transcendent blend of nostalgic old school R&B while spicing it up with modern-day elements and his naturally unique vocal stylings. Taking the listener on a midnight ride through the city's lights, it's without a doubt that the EP sets a sweltering romantic atmosphere that's simply irresistible.

The "Red Light Mood" EP opens with a spicy and sensual 90s-Esque R&B intro track titled, "In Your City." The tightly-wound electric guitar picking brings an old school 50 Cent flair meticulously met with soft keys and Gregory Zamir's warm and inviting vocal performance. While he begins setting a sensuous mood with a naturally charming vocal delivery and lyrics of flying a long way only to be in her city, Gregory makes the EP's storyline quite clear. Setting the tone with the intro track "In Your City," the song brings the listener deep into the first chapter of this endlessly romantic and heavily passionate tale.

Moving onto the EP's second song, "Milk and Honey" takes the cake for the project's grooviest track. Opening the song with bright and rich synths delivering sweet-sounding melodies, while a variety of underlying synths give the track depth. Not to mention the mid-tempo drums giving off an organic and nostalgic R&B groove, the track's sonics are easily intoxicating. Now getting to the goods, Gregory Zamir's Frank Ocean-like melisma and overall vocal delivery stand as the track's strong point while he sings playful lyrics of being wooed by someone's ways. Effortlessly transported back to R&B's prime with "Milk and Honey," Gregory Zamir has yet again painted a vivid picture for the project's midway point.

Entering the third and final song of the EP, "Ocean Deep" brings a sense of passion and devotion that naturally captivates any listener. The song begins with subtle synths, strings, and an overwhelming sensation of warmth through mesmerizing sparkle effects. As Gregory Zamir begins pouring his sweet vocals over the track with heavily passionate lyricism, he's perfectly crafted a sound for the entire emotion of love. The sonics and overall production bring an incredibly modern atmosphere through the array of synths that provide superb ambiance in a semi-psychedelic manner. Once again, Gregory Zamir's warm and captivating vocals stand out on the track and give "Ocean Deep" this incredible power boost.

It's safe to say that Gregory Zamir's music brings an overwhelming sensation of passion, perfect to end the summer off. Doing so with the musical gem "Red Light Mood," the entire EP brings an excellent storyline that effortlessly sweeps listeners off their feet and into fantasy. 

Hello Gregory and a warm welcome to BuzzMusic, we are so excited to sit down and chat with you about "Red Light Mood." What a journey you've created with your EP, "Red Light Mood." When did you begin your creative process for the project? Which song did you create first?

Thank you so much for recognizing the journey. I’m always writing, however, I woke up one morning and said to myself "I’m officially going to put out music." My vision for this project continually morphed for a year. So many ideas where swirling, I eventually gravitated towards these three songs. I cannot recall which song I started first. I finished recording all the songs on the road - “In Your City” in D.C., “Milk & Honey” in Toronto, Canada, and “Ocean Deep” in Atlanta, just two days before the project was due.

Seeing as you've set this beautifully romantic and sultry tone for your EP "Red Light Mood," what inspired you to take this route? How did you craft each song to deliver the story you wanted to tell?

Authenticity is important in life and being sexy is definitely authentic to me! I love, love & sensuality (I’m a Leo) and I really enjoy my perspective on the subject. I go about writing songs freely, whatever words, melodies, intentions, or experiences come to mind I keep expounding on that until it takes on a musical quality. It doesn’t always work but when it does, it's euphoric. Each song is inspired by life experiences. I wanted to sing and share intimate moments that are relatable. Who can’t relate to sensuality, longing, and ecstasy. 

Regarding your sublime vocals within the “Red Light Mood” EP, the vocal arrangement is incredibly intricate and detailed. What was it like producing and arranging your vocal tracks?

Vocalism is an important part of how I approach the music and I’m very particular. The recording process can be quite long for me. Conveying the story is paramount, I was raised to sing with conviction & intention, so if I don’t believe the words the listener won’t either. I also love using vocals like an instrument adding to the production. You described the project as “beautifully romantic and sultry” so I guess my vision was received. 

Seeing as you're known to blend the old and the new within R&B, how did you do this during the creation of your EP "Red Light Mood?" Did you have any specific artists or projects that might have influenced you during your creative process?

I’m really am an old soul. I think Black music in general has an inherent nostalgia and that’s what I love to tap into. I grew up listening to oldies, jazz, gospel, soul, funk, etc., eventually, that turned into my own musical approach. For me a singular artist is not the source of my inspiration, I glean from a breadth of great artists when creating. 

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020?

Honestly, 2020 hasn’t been the year I expected or planned for.  I have faith & I try to avoid things that trigger a negative response. God, my family, episodes of “Girlfriends” and working on my new project keeps me going.


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