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Drift Through Memories and Reach, "Cloud Nine"

Edinburgh's 4-piece Retro Video Club is making an explosive return with the release of their new single, “Cloud Nine.”

This new single is the second piece of work to be taken from a larger body of work due for release later this year. Retro Video Club knows it’s a song destined to be performed at stadiums across the country. Coupled with the band’s relentless drive to reach for the next big milestone, it’s a prophecy the band is well on its way to affirm.

Basking in a mid-tempo burst of energy that euphorically releases through your speakers, “Cloud Nine,” has you elevated through the liberating progressions exposed in the musicality. With reverberated percussion patterns imploding through the instrumentation, the resonated bassline accompanies the rhythm in a solidified expose of triumphant hues.

Melodically sustaining guitar riffs and mesmerizing synths peek into the arrangement with purpose as you get to embrace the heights and grooves of this nostalgic soundscape. Through compelling timbres that ooze through the mix in a prevalent manner, you become fixated on the distinct wistfulness that is portrayed through such texture in the vocals. Retro Video Club succeeds in allowing you to feel “Cloud Nine,” past the point of taking it in sonically. You get to engage in the amplified vivacity that drowns you in a pool of lighthearted tenors.

Sweeping the musical elements with intriguing lyrics that provoke deep thought, you can’t help but transport yourself to a collection of memories that live in your mind. You feel ready to take on whatever comes your way as the sense of victory from Retro Video Club flashes before your eyes in a relatable and playful fashion. There is bliss found in this alternative Rock offering that instills a sense of purpose within the listeners. Be willing to grasp it in its full context with “Cloud Nine.”

Congratulations on the release of “Cloud Nine.” With the song being an admission of everything you want to say to somebody you don’t speak to anymore, could you please take us into the moment that inspired it?

It was after watching a film where the protagonist bumps into their ex, and it got me thinking of how that scenario would play out if it was me.

After being away from your music, how does it feel to be back? How has the craft of Retro Video Club elevated and has anything remained the same?

I think we’re at RVC 2.0 now. It feels like we’re trying out a lot of new things that maybe we would have avoided before. Nothing feels off-limits in a production sense.

Could you please share a glimpse into what the creative process looked like when bringing this buoyantly energetic song to life?

We recorded it at Metrophonic Studios with Mark Taylor, and we spent a bit of time on the pre-production. I knew I wanted it to have this kind of spacey ’80s, and dare I say it, cloud-like feel where the song kinda floated along, and from there it was just a case of finding the right sounds to encapsulate that.

You’re about to embark on a UK tour with a string of dates added. How does it feel to be hitting the stage after what has felt like a lifetime away? What are you looking forward to the most with this tour?

Can’t wait to get back to it! It feels like we were just getting started when everything came to a stop. We were a week away from playing our first headline tour of England when we were all locked down. Just to see everyone in a room again and see a crowd jumping about for the first time in like a year and a half will be surreal.


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