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Drift Through Time and Space With The Antennae's Latest Hit, "Lavender"

Los Angeles based vaporwave band The Antennae keeps passion flowing with their latest hit, "Lavender." Known as a band from another planet, this spacey group creates a unique mix of retro-future and vaporwave alongside a hefty alternative-rock groove. With vast influences across space and time, the group never shies away from the unknown.

Their recent hit "Lavender" blasts the listener above this planet and into the celestials with tightly-wound electronic production elements, heavy and intriguing male vocals, and a gripping alternative-rock sensation. We can't help but get lost in the deep and profound atmosphere The Antennae has captured with this massive track.

"Lavender" opens with a tight kick drum, a pulsing bassline, and haunting yet irresistible synth progressions. Once the deep and clear male vocals set in, the complimenting melodies give the track such vibrance and depth. With added electric guitar overtop the mid-tempo pace, the instrumentals swell into this transcendent mix of past and present electronic production techniques.

With a heartfelt lyrical message of loving someone with your whole heart and wanting to fight for the connection, we honestly can't get enough of The Antennae's passion and power infused into this track. Blending musical elements from across the board to create "Lavender," The Antennae is here to stay with their powerhouse sound.

Why did you choose "Lavender" to be the intro track for your recent album "Two-Headed Dragon?"

This song was one of the first songs we recorded. It seems to resonate with people right now. It’s a strong love song with a dark edge. The music video for it has had a good response so far.   

Where did the group find inspiration for "Lavender?" Was it more of a collective realization, or an individual one?

The song started out on an acoustic. Very intimate. I wrote it for someone not knowing if I’d ever share it. I went into the studio thinking it would just be me and guitar but when I played the notes on bass the entirely new approach appeared. The pulse of it demanded the synths and the eventual full production. We made sure that the track was driving, dark and anthemic.

How did your creative process begin with regards to "Lavender?" How does The Antennae split up and divide your process?

The process starts with a song concept that I write on the guitar. The main parts fleshed out. Murv and I work on the main beat and build the song from there. Murv and I work out the arrangement. A lot of times additional lyrics and melodies are written while recording when I know where the song is going. There’s usually a moment when the song becomes alive when the vibe is apparent. That’s when the moment and inspiration hit to add what needs to be added. Murv and I perform on guitar, bass, synths, and drums. We go with the best ideas. I usually go wild with harmonies or additional melodies at that point.

Speaking on your album "Two-Headed Dragon," did you tie in a particular story or concept within the project's entirety?

Yes! Great question. The album is a journey and almost has a story arch. It begins with innocence (Lavender) and ends with perseverance against all odds (Empress Of Taurus). The last song shows that the characters are from another world. There’s darkness and light as the tracks progress.

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020?

Another great question. The music is what kept me inspired. During these strange and challenging times, writing and recording this album was done out of a deep need. It made the world make sense to me. The songs were a message to anyone including myself before the chaos drowned it out. Music can be used that way. It’s not bound by time or events. Songs can transcend the moment. Good or bad ones.



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