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Driven Out Reminds Us to Spark the Fire Within

The Los Angeles-based four-piece rock band Driven Out expands on the inspiration, creation, and release of their sweltering introductory track, "Change," from their debut 13-track album, 'Inspired by You.'

The likes of vocalist Christian Higgins-Hernandez, guitarist Ryan Alzina, bassist Jay Lantz, and drummer Jonathan Ricketts are indeed proving themselves as a staple independent rock band in our evolving music industry. Especially with the release of their thorough and conceptual debut album, 'Inspired by You,' which shook our speakers to the core.

When asked about the inspiration for the introductory track, "Change," in a recent interview, Driven Out mentioned that the song was inspired by Christian's personal experience facing internal adversity head-on. "Looking in the mirror is something we all get a little intimidated by, but that deep inward reflection is where we dig up and find out who we really are," says Driven Out.

Elaborating on the entire album, 'Inspired by You,' the record is said to track the journey of a character's experience, attempting to change the course of their life while seeking a purpose or light in the dark tunnels of their mind. If there was one thing that Driven Out wanted their audience to take away from "Change" and the entire album, 'Inspired by You,' it's to face your adversity head-on, believe in yourself, and spark that fire within to shine as bright as you can.

Find Driven Out's song, "Change," and their debut album, 'Inspired by You' on all digital streaming platforms.


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