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Driven Out Takes Us on a Sonic Journey of "Change"

Up and coming rock band Driven Out is based out of Los Angeles, California. Comprised of vocalist Christian Higgins-Hernandez, guitarist Ryan Alzina, bassist Jay Lantz, and drummer Jonathan Ricketts, their melodic essence is met with an all dreams can be achieved mentality, and a feel-good pep in their step.

Taking our attention to Driven Out’s introductory single, “Change,” we enter their debut album, ‘Inspired By You,’ as we’re greeted with intricately crafted techniques that are all the rave for Driven Out. Feasting upon the finer details that add texture to the complexities heard throughout this record, there’s no denying the crisp musicality that shines through each note in a top-tier mix.

Steered by the resonated bassline that immediately sets the tempo, we hear the clarity propelled through tight percussion patterns, gritty guitar riffs, and a smoldering lead vocal. Taking it to the next level with thought-provoking songwriting techniques offered up, scripted motifs that kick off this piece delve into the poetic spirit lingering in the virtuoso displayed. ‘Like my mind, this paper is blank. I have my thoughts but no words to convey,’ is a prime example of how Driven Out immediately pulls you into the unveiling of this album at a moment’s notice.

Fitting into their entire project concept of bringing forth an eternal marriage between the poetry of thought, and melodic instrumentation, it’s safe to say that Driven Out knows exactly what they want to convey, and expresses it with an even more impactful purpose than intended.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Driven Out. “Change,” seemed to fit so perfectly into ‘Inspired By You,’ that we couldn’t help but show an overbearing appreciation towards the song. What was the moment or story that inspired the first song on your album?

“Change” is a special one for sure. It’s a song in which the main character is in the middle of a conflict with themselves. Looking in the mirror is something we all get a little intimidated by, but that deep inward reflection is where we dig up and find out who we really are. People are afraid of change but if we’re not changing then we’re not growing. Growth requires and demands a change in you. This song was inspired by Christian’s own personal experience and those once close to him. This song is made for anyone going through a struggle. Keep your head up and face your adversity.

Fitting into the concept of the body of work like the last puzzle piece, did you always know that this is where “Change” would fit on the tracklist? How were you able to choose where each of the 14 songs would go?

Yes, “Change” was always intended to be the opener for the album. This album is a loose concept album, to be honest. It’s the story of the common human experience. “Change” kicks off the story with our character meeting their rock bottom. Our character knows that living on in this way is not an option. This album is a journey through the experience of someone trying to change the course of their life. Seeking a purpose. Searching for the light in the dark.

How long did it take for you to create ‘Inspired By You?' What was the process of recording your debut album like, and how did it vary from creating singles

‘Inspired by You’ was made within the last year. We went through multiple sessions of song structuring, melodies, and instruments. This time it was nice to have recorded in guitarist Ryan Alzina’s home studio. It was a lot easier to get stuff done when needed.

In terms of themes and messages sent out to your audience, what are you hoping they take away from a song like “Change?"

Face your adversity head-on. Believe in yourself. There is a fire in you. Shine bright.

What's your favorite release this year, from an independent artist you admire?

Absolutely love what Fretland is doing! “Too Much” is such a beautiful song on their amazing album ‘Could Have Loved You.' Hillary Grace Fretland is an amazing vocalist!



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