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Drown in the Impactful Memories of Your Past With "I Need It"

The Perfumers are a three-piece indie pop band from Indiana made up of Jordan Kortenber, Sayge Kortenber, and Malakai Bisel. Like many bands, The Perfumers have a long history of interchanging band members and names, but at its core, the band began with brother and sister, Jordan and Sayge Kortenber.

With the addition of other band members, they toured the American Midwest with their alternative rock music. Their music often presents personal anecdotes and themes alongside simplistic lyrics anyone can relate to. They believe in the pursuit of things that sound good, as opposed to purely seeking musical complexity.

The smooth captivation that’s tangled into their latest single, “I Need It,” comes from a heartfelt place of consciousness. Reflecting on personal moments that cascade with the thoughtful instrumentation has us basking in the wistful hues that simmer in a pacifying blend of musicality.

Sparse drum hits, opulent guitar riffs, delicate keys, and a resonated bassline fuse together in order to provide the listener with a therapeutic framework that has us rejoicing at the chorus. The soft-spoken timbres come chiming into the rush that’s inserted at the hook in a powerful way that clasps your attention. Being pulled into an insightful world that’s constructed with poignant descants, the melodic ease that emanates from “I Need It,” is pure and exquisite.

Chalked full of nostalgia that effortlessly allows your senses to explore reminiscent hues of your own, lyrical motifs such as, ‘I said if you didn’t hold so tight you could get all that you want for the rest of your life,’ have us fully locked into the beauty that The Perfumers instill into their work. Being swept away to cloud nine, the solicitous quintessence that’s carried out in “I Need It,” leaves a long-lasting imprint in our minds.

A warm welcome to BuzzMusic The Perfumers. The beauty that lies in the structure of “I Need It,” is hard to replicate. Job well done! What story or moment is this song based on? Was this the full inspiration that allowed you to create this musical vision?

“I Need It” began with a simple 2 chord progression. After adding just a few more elements, the aesthetic became apparent. We knew the mood we were going for. Somewhere between nostalgia and self-reflection. After singing over the instrumental a few times, the words “I Need It” materialized. We then structured the song around the meeting of a romantic partner--someone that would change the narrator’s life.

Could you please share how each band member contributed to the overall crafting of “I Need It?" Was there anyone else that assisted The Perfumers in bringing this song to the ears of your listeners?

As with most of their songs, “I Need It” was born out of improvisation. It began with Jordan playing guitar over a simple drum groove with no clue where it would go. After a few takes, Malakai chopped some of the performance up and simplified it into the 2 chord progression. From there, Jordan and Malakai both acted as producers. They each added several synth parts and input on sonic qualities. In addition to working so closely on the production, they also wrote the lyrics together. Once the song was brought to the next phase, Jordan and Malakai brought Sayge into the process. She contributed to input on drum production, lyrical content, and structure.

How does a song of this caliber compare to other tracks offered up in your music catalog?

“I Need It” is one of our personal favorites for a few reasons. Perhaps most importantly because the song exudes a clear aesthetic. We like to think that everything about the song is cohesive, from the album art to the lyrics. “I Need It” is also deceptively simple. The chorus is easy to remember and sing along to, something we strive for.

What would you like your audience to reflect on when listening to this record?

Temptation. Love. Addiction. “I Need It,” asks its listener to consider what it means to need something or someone. At what point do love and admiration bleed into obsession and ignorance? The song asks the listener to truly consider the things they love in both a positive and negative light.

What's next for The Perfumers?

We are currently working on a variety of songs, but we intend to release 3 songs before the end of this year. With the success of this past year, we are reflecting on what worked and what didn’t. We intend to approach 2022 with music that is emotionally driven and entertaining.


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