The Latest: Emerging Hip Hop Artist Dubble-U

Dubble-U is a emerging hip hop artist out of Dallas, Texas, that has been catching our attention out in the West Coast. He's been turning heads around North America with his release of his debut album "Freestyle Only Vol. 1". Dubble-U released the album simultaneously on July 5 2018. The album consists of 17 freestyle tracks and Vol 2. will feature 40 tracks - how does he do it? All songs are recorded himself, on his iPhone. His unique mission is to only release freestyle music until the day he lands himself a record deal.

Dubble-U has given us a sneak peek of what he's been working on. He is confident that Vol. 2, will spread around the world while coming back with a new confident boosting approach. His raps are raw and unedited which makes his music authentic and we believe his music will resonate to new listeners as he breaks out from the mainstream music 'norm'. We cannot wait to hear whats next from Dubble-U! Listen to his latest music here.

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