Dustsceawung Delivers New Single “Funk”

DustSceaWung was born in Lahore Pakistan & later moved to the Mecca of jazz & blues, New Orleans United States in his early teens & began composing music at the age of 14. Influenced by artists like Chet Baker, Pink Floyd, Nas & ancient sound of Classical Pakistani music which gave DustSceaWung the ability to create a perfect fusion of ancient & modern elements into a new unique sound that deserves a genre of its own. And we promise you you’d not want to miss out on any release by this creative individual. After going through some dark times, near death experiences, & life altering events Dustsceawung took a spiritual path & has practiced asceticism for years then reinvented himself as DustSceaWung & became the master of his craft. He refers to his spiritual journey and evolution as an artist as his death & rebirth of DustSceaWung. It is best described by the definition of his name which means:Contemplation of the dust; Reflection on former civilizations and peoples, and on the constant state of change. The knowledge that everything comes from dust and will one day return to dust.

Dustsceawung released his single “Funk” off his album titled “Resurrection”. This has to be one of my personal favorite hip-hop albums I’ve heard from an underground artist in a while. Let’s start off with the classic urban feel he has. After personally watching “The Get Down” a popular Netflix series that highlights the beginning of hip-hop, I was profoundly attracted to the legendary classic vibe of rap music. Rap and Hip-hop has transcended into something much different over the years where it's rare we hear songs with a comical lyrical presence and dope flow to match it, while also touching base on real topics while covering the darkness of it with a layer of catchy punchlines and hooks. Dustsceawung’s release of “Funk” is that song to bring all those special elements back into the viewpoint of a music fan.

Listen to "Funk" here and get to know Dustsceawung below!

Hi there, care to introduce yourself to our readers?

Indie self funded hip hop artist who produces experimental hip hop to create my own unique sound & style. 

How appreciative are you of your diverse background? Has it served beneficial for your music?

Yes I’m in love with classical music & ancient instruments of the eastern culture & I also love modern western electronic music which helps me to create a perfect fusion between the two. 

Knowing that Nas were one of your musical inspirations, any favorite songs by him and why?

‘Rewind’ is one of my favorite songs by Nas because he uses lyricism to tell a story backwards which is very unique & much different than current state of mumble rap. I love that art of story telling. 

How was it creating your album “Resurrection” ? do you have any personal favorites? If so, which and why?

I have a near death experience & was in a lot of physical pain during the making of this album. This is why the album is titled ‘resurrection’ The last song of the ‘understanding’ is my favorite song of the album. It brings the whole album into perspective & explain the concept of resurrection. The first 4 minutes of the song is me playing a violin & then I rap for the last 2 minutes of the song which is actually a poem of me explaining receiving enlightenment & understanding through pain & suffering. 

Which song were you initially unsure about off your album “Resurrection” ?

The song that I was unsure about was ‘voodoo’ it’s not really my style but I wanted to give listeners the spectrum of sound so I decided to ad the track voodoo which has a modern tone to it. 

6 “Funk” has this OG hip-hop sound to it, are you a fan of the older music back in the day?

Yes I love old school hip hop from Nas, wu-tang clan, to red man & method man they’re all legends in my book. 

What’s your plans for 2019?

I’m planing on releasing more albums & my music will only get better with time with more complex lyrics, story telling, more poetic lyricism & I’ll be making more complex experimental sounds with a cinematic tone to them. 

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