Dvniel Brings Summer Vibes With "Lie To Me” (Oscar Martín Remix)

Behind “Dvniel” is the singer and songwriter Daniel Capellaro who flawlessly blends musical genres including Pop, R&B, Folk and Country. Born in New Jersey, Daniel and his family moved every few years across the United States to places like New York, Tennessee, Virginia, and Philadelphia, attending 6 different high schools, and for a stint of time, the family lived in a tent across the US. All of these diverse experiences helped shape his wide range of musical influences. Settling in Los Angeles, CA, Dvniel’s musical accomplishments include writing for and working with artists and bands such as Tonic, Lifehouse, Maxwell, PInk, Pitbull, Chris Brown,

and Boyz II Men. 

"Lie To Me” (Oscar Martín Remix) is an eclectic and wavy EDM remix dripping with summer vibes done by the very talented DJ/Producer Oscar Martín out of Nashville. Hard work and passion lead the way perfectly for anyone who’s looking to create a sound that’s a dream to listen to, and that’s authentically theirs. There’s a simple yet sublime sense of warmth and progression to the music and the ideas, which lets it all completely embrace you and allow you to escape your current environment or head-space for a while. Perhaps it’s the way Dvniel lets himself be completely real and visible within this song, it feels like his truth, poetic and minimalist, but honest. Which means, inevitably, you’re only going to enjoy the song more and more so, as it gathers an incredible amount of momentum and energy. 

Check out "Lie To Me” (Oscar Martín Remix) here and read more below in our exclusive interview!


Hi Daniel! In your own words, what’s the concept behind “Lie To Me”, and why did you decide to create a song around that?

The song is about needing to accept what is often so hard to accept; that sometimes hearing a lie is often easier than facing the truth.  I had a very dear friend of mine who lost a girlfriend to suicide.  Losing a loved one is so tragic and for him, it was compounded with a sense of guilt and responsibility due to their breaking up prior to the tragic event and having that be a direct cause of her losing hope in herself and a for a future. It was very personal for me to write this, and to create a story and a message for people who struggle to feel loved and accepted.  Being in love is such a responsibility and can be so fragile. 

What do you hope people take away from this release?

My hope is that the song might be a reminder for those who struggle with feeling loved and accepted and that understanding your worth and role within that relationship is so important.  It comes with great responsibility and you can often be with the wrong person while trying to convince yourself they're the right person.  My Music Video depicts that story pretty specifically. 

Who or what would you say inspires or influences you the most musically?

My Dad.  My Dad is a storyteller and a musician (some would argue those aren't mutually exclusive).  He instills in me a sense of musical purpose and direction and helps remind me to always stay "in check" with yourself as a creative and be receptive to everything that's going on in the world and how we are affected by one another. 

What are your main aspirations as an artist right now?

Im just trying to put out the best music I can possibly write and sing.  Im going to be releasing a handful of singles and each single is going to have a different side to them, ranging from Pop, EDM and acoustic versions.  We live in a singles market at the moment and each song has a chance to be re-envisioned.  Im collaborating with DJs and Producers to do remixes and features that I will both write and perform. I will be releasing lots of video content like my new Music Video for "Lie To Me" that just came out on Friday August 16th (today)

What’s something about you that most people don’t know?

I handle all my own business.  I do all my own marketing, digital imaging and have built a team around my brand that I work with intimately on all details pertaining to my music and my releases.  I believe so strongly that it is the team you build as an Artist that determines the Artist's success.  I am operating like a Record Company but with complete Artistic and creative control.  


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