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Dwescro’s New Single, “Dream” Will Definitely Leave You Feeling Dreamy

Dwescro is a solo act from the Laurentian Mountains in Quebec, Canada. He first had an inclination to begin experimenting with different instruments at a young age after being introduced to classic rock on the radio during his bus rides to school. Bands with a unique sound and approach such as Rush and Yes grabbed his attention for their complex and detailed music, and this influenced his writing style immensely. Since living in a very rural area however, Dwescro had very limited opportunities to pursue the kind of music he wanted to make. After joining and leaving several bands in Montreal over the years, he was never able to truly obtain the specific sounds he was going for. Today, however, Dwescro is happy to release music that is truly his own.

Dwescro’s latest single is called “Dream”. And dream you shall, with the fantastic atmosphere that Dwescro creates. The song begins with such a lush soundscape of reverb, and the drums and vocals enter shortly after the ethereal introduction. There is certainly a lot going on in this song; there are many things happening at once in this complex arrangement. What is truly impressive is that none of these complex elements seem to disturb the fantastic atmosphere that Dwescro has created. For a musician that started off listening to Rush and Yes, he has certainly transformed these influences into something quite unique. Contrasting ideas seem to occur one after the other, but despite the eclectic elements of this song, they all flow together seamlessly. It would be hard to say exactly what genre this music is, and that’s probably what’s so great and refreshing about it. Whatever this artist gets up to in the mountains of Quebec, we’d certainly like to hear more of it.

Take yourself out of chaotic life for just a few minutes and check out “Dream” here. We promise you won’t regret it!


Thanks for answering a few of our questions! First of all, can you describe what it is about those bus rides as a kid that got you inspired to get into music?

It’s an odd reason really. I lived close to a place called ’Le Studio’ when I was younger. This studio recorded major artists from the late 70’s up until the 00’s. So artists like Keith Richards, David Bowie, The Police, Rush were all there at some point. It turns out my bus driver was the owner of bar in town during that time. He got to meet all these famous people when they were done recording for the day, since he owned the only bar in miles. For that reason he became kind of a god-like figure in town. So I always knew who he was and I guess seeing him my first day of school as my bus driver made me pay more attention to the music being played. It was really awesome.

Since you live in a rural area, maybe you’ll like this one. If you could only listen to three artists for the rest of your life, who would they be?

Id say Rush, Led Zeppelin, Tame Impala. I’ve gone through fazes with each but I’ve always come back.

Your new single, “Dream” has so much going on, but yet it all seems to fit together to create a relaxing atmosphere. How much thought goes into the way you arrange your songs? Does it come naturally, or it is more complex than that?

This song took a good 5 months on and off to complete. I came up with the structure and the chord progression in an afternoon, but it was the layering afterwards that took some time. I usually call it the ‘wash cycle’. I’ll just listen to the song from beginning to end and pause it where I want to make some changes. I’ll repeat this process over and over till there’s nothing more I can think of and I feel like the song is as good as it could possibly be.

Do you find that the isolation of living in the mountains influences the way you think about music?

For sure. I have access to what’s mainstream and trending but in contrast to what’s around me it feels too high energy and out of place. I live with no noise and no distractions whatsoever, so I figure isolation is why I’m prone to making songs that are more relaxed.

What can we hope to see from you going forward?

I’ll be releasing a new single with a music video every month, starting May 31st. Instead of releasing an album or an EP, Id rather take the time to put each song in their own spotlight and have people enjoy both mediums. 


Catch Dwescro on his socials in order to stay up to date on upcoming music releases:


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