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DWN MSS Knows Her Worth And Refuses To Settle For Less In “Do It Right”

The London-based R&B artist makes her explosive solo debut with her sultry new release.

Life happens, and sometimes even if we’re passionate about something, there are times we need to take a step back. For London songstress DWN MSS, this meant stepping back from a promising music career to navigate the infinitely complex worlds of motherhood and modern dating. Having already graced the stage at festivals like Glastonbury and also recorded at the legendary Abbey Road as part of the duo VŌS, DWN MSS is set to make an explosive return with her highly anticipated “Do It Right.”

Authenticity is at the heart of any musical endeavour DWN MSS embarks on. Combining honest lyrics with a late-night, flowy and sultry sound, DWN MSS uses her music as therapy to find meaning in the chaos, unpredictability and uncertainty of life. Her music is unabashedly transparent in the most endearing way and contributes to how easily listeners feel connected to her lyrics and sound.

“Do It Right” is the electrifying harbinger of a return to music that will hopefully last for the foreseeable future. Over woozy and sultry late-night instrumentals, DWN MSS’s velvety vocals envelop you in a dreamy, expansive soundscape. Dropping lines like “Been thinking bout you day and night / Why couldn’t you just do it right” and “Don’t call me with your booty calls / Only come to me if you want more,” DWN MSS strikes a balance between self-love and infatuation. This is the kind of lyrical honesty that DWN MSS prides herself on, and we can’t wait to see what else she has in store for us.

With music that can be described as artistically “airtight R&B that is rich in both character and substance,” DWN MSS is poised to make an explosive and triumphant return to the musical world. Whenever you’re ready, tap in and stream “Do It Right,” available now on all major streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, DWN MSS. Wow, what a return statement! We loved “Do It Right,” We had to ask, what was your favourite part about making this song and the music video come to life?

Aw, thank you so much! The creative process of making music is always my favourite part of being an artist. It’s something special to create lyrics and melodies and start from nothing, and then suddenly have a whole journey for people to listen to and share experiences with. From the minute I wrote it, I knew it would be the first single, so it was really exciting to have that in mind with bringing the video to life.

You mentioned taking some time off of music to navigate motherhood and relationships. What does it feel like to be back?

It feels incredible to be back. There was a moment when I wasn’t sure if I wanted to continue music, but I think it’s in my blood as I couldn’t stay away! I think previously, I was involved in projects that I loved but didn’t feel right, but now I’m being true to myself with everything from the music to the lyrics and the visuals, which feels right now.

What is your favourite thing about making music?

My favourite thing about making music is that the creative process is like therapy for me. Then when people listen, they can come on a journey with me and maybe even relate to it.

What would it be if you wanted fans to take one thing away from your music?

That even in the darkest of times, you are not alone.

What’s next for DWN MSS? Can we expect to hear new music soon?

Yes, 100% you can hear new music soon. The next single is being released at the end of March, and so much more throughout the rest of the year.

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