Dylan Cohen & His Collections of Soulful Soundings is What Makes Him Our Artist of the Day!

Dylan Cohen is a commodity. He provides soundings that are genuinely intriguing to listen to. He's able to integrate so many various soundings, that we feel almost overwhelmed by listening to the creative and new part of the music he's able to offer. One of our favorite parts of his musical execution is the production and how unique it is to the expressed vocalism. Dylan knows how to blend sounds that only complement each other. If you intently listen and can get past the alluring melody, you can hear that Dylan Cohen intensely expresses his day-to-day life. He does this in such an expressive manner--when this is combined with that exclusive and unique sounding of Dylan, it allows for that unparalleled rhythm and flow. "Alleyways" has been his most recent music video release, which captures the very essence of his energy presented in the track. When "Alleyways" was released in late 2018, it provided that necessary and robust atmosphere for listeners at the perfect time. Dylan Cohen is full of that uncompromised energy and talent, which is why he was a clear pick to feature as Artist of the Day. We can expect that whichever project he stumbles upon next will be as thoughtful and resilient as his most recent releases. For now, we're okay with listening to his most recent work! 

Listen to "Alleyways" here.