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Dylan Joshua Knows How To Deliver A Vibe Like “Solo”

Dylan Joshua is an unreleased artist with cultural icon potential. Coming from humbling beginnings, Dylan believed that working through the system, and obtaining financial security through the means of a job was life’s purpose. Through self-taught, he quickly learned the recording process; giving him the ability to manipulate his sound at the production level, while also merging his poetic outlook and lyrics, contributing to his unique style. While still being attached to people on their own path through the regular system, Dylan finds it difficult to appropriate his actions with their supposition, yet he understands their actions and confusions. Giving a unique, yet relatable and honest perspective, he created a project named “Alternate” meant to depict his decision for choosing an alternate path in life, and the trials and tribulations that follows this choice. In addition to being a musician, Dylan Joshua created an aesthetic set in the year 2085 to capture the visual representation of the Alternate project, giving it branding potential ready for the world to soak into.

His release of his single “Solo” still stuck with his futuristic approach in life while delivering trendy autotune on an upbeat and charismatic beat. Despite the autotune, you can’t let that fool you due to Dylan having a well rounded and actually solidified vocal resonance that you can clearly hear behind the production of in-depth details. Even with autotune, having a tone that can carry the song  is important but it’s even better when you can make up the voice with special and cool effects that could help fit the aesthetic of the record way better. I noticed a comment my brother made while I was doing this review and that was “Dang I like that, who is that” and it gave me the impression that Dylan Joshua knows how to entertain others and draw people in with his appealing and attractive sound. His fresh style, metaphorical and open minded outlook on life and his perspective filling lyrics will make him a groundbreaking artist whom can creep up slowly up the charts!

Check out "Solo" on Spotify now, and keep up to date with Dylan's project 'Alternate' here.

Hi Dylan, can you introduce yourself to our readers?

Hey my name is Dylan Joshua; I am an artist from Toronto Canada and I just released a mixtape called Alternateº.

You have the ability to fabricate vibes for people to enjoy, do you have any musical inspirations or influences? Or is this a specific sound you developed for yourself?

Umm, I think any musician/any artist/anybody is definitely inspired and influenced by anything they’ve been exposed to throughout their life even if they’re not necessarily a fan of it, so yeah I’m inspired by a lot of shit. But at the same time it’s definitely something that I believe is in its own lane and I’d like to think it’s almost like a unique innovation on a compilation of influences I’ve had. But that’s any art anyways.

How do you think your authentic and unique perspective on life around you helps you create a sound individual to you?

It definitely helps in a lot of different ways. One of them being, it creates the stories in all the songs, because all the songs are based on real life stories and feelings. As far as sound goes, right now I’m very much recording alone, very isolated, so I’m not as influenced by other peoples’ opinions or comments so the sound you hear is authentically what I just thought sounded good in my ears, to your ears. Meaning this isn’t some shit that the industry tampered with, or industry plant shit, or to go viral real quick, or cause this is a get rich quick scheme. Its’ authentically shit made in the basement by a guy who likes making shit in his basement.

Can you tell us a little bit more about your single “Solo” and the meaning behind it?

Solo is about me. When I was trying to get into music and decided that that was the route I wanted in life over anything else, I had to change the way I lived. With that comes a detachment between all the people you were once attached to, who still live regular lives and have bed times and class in the morning, and when you’re driving around solo late at night missing the good girl from the suburbs you had.  




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