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Dylan Sherry Packs The Passion In, “Want Ur Love”

Los Angeles-based Japanese-American alternative-rock and pop artist Dylan Sherry graces the ears with a spirited and passionate tune entitled "Want Ur Love."

Dylan Sherry has been bringing his blissful, feel-good tunes to the masses since releasing his debut album, 'Western Sky,' in 2019. After signing with the record label L.A. Tangerine, Dylan Sherry later received vast radio airplay and began delving into the sounds of classic country, alternative, and oldies.

Dylan Sherry's upbeat and vibrant single, "Want Ur Love," is the third track off his 4-track EP, 'Ur Love,' released May 6. It's quite clear that the single is the EP's heart and core, not just because they share a similar name but because the entire project is based around yearning for what you need while navigating loneliness.

Expanding on the song, "Want Ur Love," the experience begins with gentle electric guitar melodies and mid-tempo drums that set the feel-good tone. As Dylan Sherry's breathy and warm vocals melt through our speakers, he slowly increases the groove while expressing his profound passion for someone special.

This song serves the perfect dose of nostalgic oldies reminiscent of Gerry Rafferty through a good old foot-tapping folk-rock atmosphere and the utmost passionate lyrics.

We adore the overall atmosphere of this tune; it's the perfect track to play on full blast while cruising down the highway in the summer sunlight. Dylan Sherry's performance is nothing but authentic and gripping, truly representing those emotions we feel when in need of someone's tender love and care.

Feed your soul with Dylan Sherry's soothing stylings in his new single, "Want Ur Love," from his EP, 'Ur Love,' now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Dylan Sherry. We're head over heels for your single's cheerful and passionate atmosphere, "Want Ur Love." What inspired you to write such a lively and feel-good love song?

Hi! Thank you so much for your kind words! Want Ur Love is inspired by that feeling of unashamed, unwavering affection towards someone. In reality, I was going through a complicated time relationship-wise while writing it, but it felt kind of therapeutic for me. Like, there's no guarantee that someone will be in your life forever, but I think it's still important to express those emotions and praise someone who plays or played a huge role. Other than that, it just felt good to make, and I'm happy that feeling is being picked up on.

Why did you choose to take a rather nostalgic and oldie route for the instrumentals in "Want Ur Love?" Why was this alternative/folk feel essential for you to create?

I can't say it was a distinct choice actually, the whole process just felt natural. I had been playing the songs from the EP for weeks on acoustic guitar, so keeping it raw and more stripped-down felt justified. I also had a feeling it'd be more positive than other songs on the EP. I love the simplicity of doo-wop and oldies so I began drawing more from there, it just kind of came together after that.

Did you have any musical influences in mind when creating "Want Ur Love?" Did you want listeners to be reminded of any other artists when hearing the tune?

Absolutely! Ricky Nelson is the first one that comes to mind for Want Ur Love. Can't say I'm even relatively close to him in terms of suaveness or singing in general, but songs like My One Desire and I Will Follow You definitely inspired me to create a feel-good love song with a refrain and slight rockabilly edge.

How does "Want Ur Love" fit into the concept of your EP, 'Ur Love?' Would you say this song is the heart of the project?

I hoped to explore different phases and vignettes of love through the 4 songs on the EP. Like all relationships, there are ups and downs. I'd say 'What U Need' is about trying to navigate a difficult situation where you don't know if the next step will be right. Ride Away is more empowering, almost like taking the reigns of your life back and just trying to get to a better headspace while in the face of adversity. Want Ur Love could almost be considered the honeymoon phase, I suppose. It's that infectious feeling when you're with that person. That's also why I chose to close the EP on a somber instrumental tune. Like, what comes up has to come down. I don't have a spoiled opinion of love or relationships, but that's what I was feeling at the time. Sometimes, you're left with more questions than answers.

What's next for you?

Next, I'd love to get out and play live with a full band again. Ever since late-2019, it's just been solo shows for me. Those can be great, but a full-band sound is hard to replicate, you can't beat that energy. As for releases, I have 2 cover songs completed which I'm very excited about. You'll definitely hear from me!


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