DYLI Releases New Song "Low Key"

At the young age of 15, DYLI found her passion for music and gained attraction with

single “Weekend” with a whopping 100,000 streams on Spotify. DYLI is from Stockton,

California and is an American singer/songwriter. Due to her great sound and incredible vocals, she has been featured with legendary rapper MADCHILD, ZOH, and Chapslife. DYLI tells us that her inspiration for her music is a combination of various influences and styles. She says that her musical palette ranges from mainstream pop, hip hop, R&B, and even 1930s jazz when DYLI was asked about her musical style and inspirations. “Low Key” is a laid back pop track that brings a new sound to the genre. DYLI brings a new vibe to it with a kind of throwback sound to the early 2010s pop music era. The synth drum kit and added embellishments really highlight an important and unique quality to DYLI’s music. DYLI has a very feminine,energetic, yet haunting voice that will make her stand out on your playlist. DYLI has a kind of dark pop and R&B genre of her own that makes DYLI relatable.

Connect with DYLI on social media:

Instagram: @Dyli Facebook: @DyliMusic Twitter: @DyliMusic Soundcloud: @Dyliob