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Dynamic Duo Lil Djent Get Extra Inspiring And Personal With “All Around Is Love”

Lil Djent is a project that was originally started by NYC-based producer and guitarist Andres Gallo. After combining forces with pop-jazz vocalist Shruti Mutalik, the duo of Lil Djent became unstoppable. Shruti Mutalik played with the cover band "In Kontrol" in Mumbai, India, before she moved to New York City. Lil Djent fuses a multitude of genres while staying electronic at the core.

Lil Djent’s “All Around is Love” gets unapologetically honest and personal on this release, both lyrically and performance-wise. It begins in a manner that feels like a diary reading with a free-flowing delivery. Things continue to develop throughout, seeing Lil Djent further envelop listeners in a cascading wave of electronic-pop in increasingly attention-grabbing ways. Once again though, the return to the hook brings optimism a moment of beautiful melody and an attempt to change the outlook of listeners. The middle section of “All Around Is Love” brings through a fully instrumental breakaway, a moment allowing the artist to showcase production abilities and a genuine air of being lost in the moment and in love with the music. “All Around Is Love” is powerful, uplifting, and undoubtedly a release that will propel Lil Djent’s career to new heights. Alongside streaming the new track, we recommend you check out the new music video to accompany it! “All Around is Love” features stunning visuals that capture the imagery of human connection and love. 

Listen to “All Around Is Love” here and read more with Lil Djent below! 

Welcome to BuzzMusic Lil Djent! How many releases as a duo? How did this collaboration come to fruition?

This is our third release as Lil Djent. We initially played together in another band called Simple Freud. This band morphed into a progressive rock band "The Lilt". Over the years, as our musical influences have grown, we have merged our original hard rock sound with electronic elements. Ironically, this latest song is probably our gentlest sounding track, so very little hard rock on this one. The inclusion of electronic elements began as our vocalist, Shruti Mutalik, had a long military assignment and deployment. In order to keep making music while being miles and hours away, we both discovered that electronic music lent itself well to producing while commuting and traveling. In a way this is how Lil Djent was born.

"All Around Is Love" is surging with articulate emotions. What kind of feelings did you want listeners to be washed over with when listening to the song?

I would want listeners to feel the energy of the story which the song is trying to tell. It starts with some sadness at the start, then there is the feeling of the discovery of beauty and joy as the song shifts into celebration. When we composed the song, we were led by the energy of the story. So overall, we want to express those positive vibes in this one. Also like the chorus states, we do think people should "celebrate the moment" haha. For real though

How would you say your music now compares to the music you curated when you first started out in the music industry?

Some rock influence is still there for sure at times, however the incorporation of electronic elements changed our creative process. I'd say its more electronic, textured, and portrays a wider range of emotions for sure.

The music video for “All Around is Love” was captivating! What was the overall concept?

Thank you for the positive feedback! Well the concept began with the fact that we needed a video that could work without us being on it. The reason was that we knew we would be miles apart for the time of the shoot. That being said, to be honest it wasn't so much us, as it was our friend Jonathan Guttmann who was the brains behind the concept and execution of the video. We did talk about which vibes and tonalities we wanted the video to express. He does awesome video stuff, so we thought it best to let him have full creative freedom.

What's the next big thing for you artistically?

An album!! We have released three singles. Please do check them out! We are working on the album. Also starting next month we will no longer be miles apart and will start playing live again.


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