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Dynamic Duo Tribelight Create Beautiful Electronic Music From Across The World

Tribelight is an experimental production duo hailing from opposite ends of the world. Byron is from Chicago and Masahi is based in Tokyo. After meeting through a record label, the two joined forces to create genre-bending, layered soundscapes. Tribelight’s new eclectic sound fuses tribal percussion with analog electronica with ease.

Fusing an electronic beat with ambient tribal layers, “With You” is topped off with sleepy vocals and distant hints of intensity and angst, the track is as unpredictable as it is cinematically captivating. Creativity leads the way in every respect, from the evolution of the details to the structure of the piece to the final weight of the sound and indeed the concept. These chaotic and colorful layers of audio support and enhance the questioning, intriguing, mysterious lyrics in a brilliantly appropriate manner. The journey throughout “With You” is striking and wonderfully entertaining. Where you might turn to EDM or trip-hop to escape the world, this tribal-inspired electronic style of writing, production, and performance, makes for the perfect addition to that catalog of go-to releases. From a production perspective, this is a fairly minimalist piece that’s been recorded well! The vocal sounds genuine, not overly affected by electronica and still coming through with those intricacies and human dashes of emotion and softness that help you connect with the individual behind it.

Check out “With You” here!


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