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Dyne Side Livens Our Days with an Emotionally-Rich Music Video, "Just Try"

The South Florida alternative and post-hardcore duo Dyne Side reminds us to live with excitement and risk with their emotional music video for "Just Try."

Formed in 2015, Dyne Side consists of lead vocalist Emmanuel Costa-Maya and guitarist Eddie Salcedo. Having toured alongside acts like Every Time I Die, Emmure, and Alien Ant Farm, Dyne Side has garnered the knowledge, stamina, and passion to continue winning over fans with their eclectic songwriting and instrumentation.

Dyne Side is excited to release their collection of EPs, 'P,' 'E,' 'R,' 'M,' and 'A,' throughout 2021. More recently, the duo released 'E,' alongside the EP's lead single, "Just Try." Highlighting their music video for "Just Try," Dyne Side mentioned that the visuals capture the essence of risk-taking and living with purpose.

Hitting play on the music video for "Just Try," we're met with shots of a lonely and reflective young man living somewhere in Asia. As he begins his morning with sweat dripping down his face while heading to work for the day, we can already feel the hard-working and tiresome approach of this video.

Not to mention Dyne Side's powerful and emotionally rich performance, the duo slams through our speakers with nothing but raw emotion and a desire to live life to the fullest. With scenes of the male lead roaming through his town and lugging boxes and bags to his next destination, the song and video reach their climax where the young man screams into nothingness and relieves his anger after bottling it up for days on end.

Find Dyne Side's music video for "Just Try" on YouTube, and discover the latest installment of their 'PERMA' EP collection on all digital streaming platforms.

We love the emotion and concept of your latest music video for "Just Try." How does the music video emphasize the need to take risks and strive for things we're generally afraid of?

What we tried to emphasize and portray in the video is the will to "just try" or really, the ability for someone to realize the amount of willpower they actually have. Once someone understands or can control their will, whatever they want to do, they can achieve. The trials and struggles that life throws at any human are what helps make or break us, it is up to us to learn how to conquer those fears and those challenges. Learning about yourself through trial and error is vital to developing that will to face challenges. The hard work and roads portrayed in this video were in fact the "challenges" and the main character was the power of will.

What inspired the video's scenes of a young man living in Asia who's hard at work? How do the video's scenes go hand in hand with the song's lyricism?

We ultimately wanted to show that determination can build the willpower to succeed. The lyrics kick-off with "Wake up and just see, the morning light creep through windows, eat your breakfast, breathe". Something most of us need to do is really find the will to just try to get up. The fundamental thing needed to start the day at whatever time really is just to GET UP! If you can get up from being down at any point, then you ultimately know what you have to do if you ever get knocked down again. That is key to erasing fear, knowing how to fail. If you can understand that with just taking some time to yourself, then everything else will fall into place.

Could you tell us how the recording and filming process went about for "Just Try?" How did you manage to create a video that was recorded across the globe?

Well, to be honest, we stumbled upon this wonderful creator on Fiverr, located in Indonesia. After viewing his work we decided we had to try and produce a video remotely. We really just rolled the dice, exchanged what concept we had in mind, kept brainstorming with him and it worked! It's been one of our favorite collaborations thus far.

How does the single "Just Try" tie in with your latest EP installment 'E.?' Does each EP installment serve a different concept or theme?

Our latest EP "E." stands for "Engagement" part of the PERMA concept - (Positive Emotion, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, Achievement) is an acronym that stands for the five elements developed by Martin Seligman that account for what makes up the “good life”. 'Just Try' was the single in the EP that stood for that. Engaging with your environment or engaging with yourself and learning in order to move forward in life. Within each EP the songs have characteristics geared towards whichever letter they belong to.



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