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E Coop Releases “Hellfire”

E Coop, an 23 year old Milwaukee rapper who released his single titled HellFire has this tasteful rap style non conforming to the current wave of rappers while still maintaining a trendy image and sound that could possibly skyrocket him to the top if he makes all the right moves and networks! “Hellfire” has quick-witted and ingenious lyrics driven by a skilled flow and distinguishable rap voice. What’s interesting to this single is how the beat wasn’t so extravagant. If you heard the beat alone, you would think the song could possibly end up boring. However, E Coop turned an almost dull beat and spiced it up and brought lots of personality to it, making the song a characterized hit. My favorite moment in this song was the entire transition around 2:30 (on the Youtube timer). He completely switched his flow, the beat, and the style of the song and it was the most replenishing sound to hear. It showed me how versatile E Coop is and how he has the capability of entertaining others, and not giving too much without giving too little. E Coop has the full package and we’re excited to see where else he goes from here.

Listen to "Hellfire" here, and learn more about E Coop in our interview below!

Hey E Coop! tell us a little bit about your rap style and why you decide to pursue music?

My rap style has a lot to do with growing up listening to 90’s gangsta rap around my dad. My raps come from my life experiences & its always been a way for me to express myself.

How supportive has your peers and environment been for you?

I get a lot of support my from peers when they hear my music. They think my shit hard!

Has growing up in Milwaukee impact your music in any way? If so how?

Growing up in Milwaukee impacted my music in many ways. I only rap about what I seen growing up here and tryna make it out. 

What’s your artist perspective behind your single “Hellfire” ?

When I was making Hellfire I was at a point in my life where I just wanted some money & ain’t care about nothing else.

Why did you decide to name the song “Hellfire”

It really just mean gunfire, Hellfire sound better for a song though.

What's next for you through 2019?

For 2019, I’m dropping new music all year through Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Tidal, etc. Stay tuned.


Connect with E Coop:


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