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Earl Grey Drifts Into the Sunset With Their Recent Hit, "Le Bain"

The Upper Michigan-based Alt-Pop quartet Earl Grey releases their exhilarating sweet-escape single, "Le Bain."

Creating a sound reminiscent of 80s pop music, Earl Grey brings forward sweet vibes through their highly transcendent execution. After being founded in 2018, the 4-piece has invited audiences from intimate venues and college festivals to get lost in their nostalgic and ear-pleasing sound.

Their latest single "Le Bain" gives listeners a glimpse of what Earl Grey is all about. They venture into this track with an uplifting ambiance that drizzles over like rain during a prolonged drought. Singing playful lyrics and capturing the moment of being lost in someone's mesmerizing eyes, Earl Grey brings vast passion within this invigorating alt-pop single.

"Le Bain" begins with tightly-wound drum patterns that drift into an open soundscape accompanied by descriptive lyrics. The lead vocalist goes into detail when describing the attraction and intriguing sensation he feels, while listeners can easily relate with the anxious yet exciting feeling he describes. The supporting instrumentals continue to soar with a vibrancy that perfectly reflects the exhilarating and reminiscent lyricism. Through layered electric guitar, playful keys, and nostalgic drum patterns, Earl Grey truly brings a sense of relief and passion within this hit.

"Le Bain," tells a story of wanting one last shot at love, and Earl Grey brings incredible instrumental and lyrical support to back up this heartwarming message. Genuinely feeding us all the passion and love that music can.

We're completely mesmerized by the flooding passion and desire you've infused within your single "Le Bain." Could you tell us what inspired the single's theme?

Thank you so much. Late last year, David and I took a trip to New York, and I ended up on a really amazing date, just wandering around the city. Being lost away from home was a nice change of pace, and I hadn’t been so comfortable with anyone like that in a long time.

How did the four of you divide the creative process within your single "Le Bain?" Do you have a specific method or technique that helps you reach your end goal?

Usually, I’ll bring a rough demo or idea to the band, and we’ll settle on a structure, then work through different parts and actually make an arrangement out of it. Le Bain was started in a proper recording studio at our university last winter, and a fair amount of the work had already been done by the time COVID hit. After all of our in-person classes were canceled for the year, we had to try and figure out how we could finish the rest of the track remotely. It posed some technical difficulties, but I think the hardest part to work around was a lack of instant feedback from each other that being together in a studio provides.

What inspired your band to take this nostalgic and reminiscent route towards '80s inspired pop music?

Between the four of us, we really do listen to just about everything, but I think we’re drawn to 80’s pop and synthesizers in general, for the emotions that the sounds bring out. New Order’s been on repeat this entire year, and I think stuff like that really inspired the dance-ier feel of “Le Bain”. We wear our inspirations on our sleeve, while still looking ahead, and we’re cool with that.

What can you tell us about your band that might help readers get to know you better? Do you usually write recurring themes and topics within your music?

Anytime we write a song, it’s always a snapshot of what’s going on in our lives or experiences that we’ve had. We try to be as genuine as possible and write what we’re feeling, whatever the topic may be.

What is one goal that you'd like to achieve with your music by the end of the year? Thank you for talking with us. We look forward to hearing what's next from you!

We have another single to follow Le Bain, but in general, we just want to connect with as many people as possible and keep releasing music we really enjoy.


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