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Ease Your Mind With Long Arm Rex's Groovy Single, "Whiskey"

The Boston-based progressive reggae-jam band Long Arm Rex releases a stimulating intro track titled "Whiskey" to their recent dynamic EP 'Welcome Home.' Since the band's inception in 2014, Long Arm Rex has received vast attention through their unique 'rexified' spin on modern reggae. While incorporating elements of dub, psychedelic rock, pop, and ska, the 5-piece powerhouse Long Arm Rex is ready to get you moving and grooving.

Long Arm Rex recently released their 6-track EP 'Welcome Home,' which features the groovy and atmospheric intro track "Whiskey." Speaking on the track itself, Long Arm Rex gives us all the goods to move to the intoxicating instrumentals they've provided while also giving us relatable and playful lyricism to chant alongside lead vocalist Caroline.

Jumping into the track, "Whiskey" opens with a heavy drum beat, wild electric guitar shreds, and the grooviest piano melodies alongside a plucky bassline that sticks out as the track's central groove. Once Caroline begins singing with her incredibly soulful and heavy vocal stylings, she takes us into typical turmoil that inflicts her need to pour a glass of "Whiskey."

Moving further into the track, we're totally taken aback by Long Arm Rex's intricate, meticulous, and in-depth sonic arrangement, as they perfectly blend the heat of organic instrumentals with the shimmering synthetic keys. Not to mention the sweltering bassline that plucks its way to our hearts, we're head over heels for such an exhilarating and blazing single like this.

Make sure to check out Long Arm Rex as they continue their venture into modern reggae with tracks like "Whiskey" and the versatility of their latest EP, 'Welcome Home.'

Hello Long Arm Rex and welcome to BuzzMusic. When beginning to create your track "Whiskey," what pushed your band to make a song like this that captures typical turmoil and the escapes we desire?

The lyrics were actually inspired by a bandmate's personal experience. The day that song was created, a member of the band (who shall remain nameless hehe) was able to somehow still make it to rehearsal despite having his car repossessed earlier that day! He bought a bottle of whiskey to bring to practice, we smoked some weed together and made this song to cope with a shitty day.

How does your group split the songwriting process, especially for your single "Whiskey?"

Our songwriting process is pretty fluid, and it varies for each song. It's usually the case that one member will bring an idea to the table at practice - I.E. a cool guitar lick, drum & bass riddim, or maybe a vocal melody. For "Whiskey" in particular - this tune came together pretty quickly. As stated above, we had a pretty solid lyrical idea from one band member's shitty events from the day. James, our keyboard player, also came to practice prepared with a dub reggae keys line that the rest of the band loved. Alexa, our bassist, quickly came up with a stomper of a bass line, and shortly after that, the backbone of the tune was born. Like most of our tunes, they go through lots of iterations where different band members bring forth some ideas. The transition to a more upbeat reggae style in the second verse for example was an idea from our drummer, Jeff, in a flow-state while jamming the song at practice. There is a killer drum and bass groove at the end of the song leading to a pretty heavy outro, and both of those ideas were improv-based while at practice.

Seeing as your group is a 5-piece, what did your creative/recording process look like for "Whiskey?" What sort of feel and atmosphere did you want to achieve with this single?

We played this song live to an audience quite a few times before we actually recorded it, and from those experiences, we knew we wanted to give "Whiskey" the energetic, raw, in-your-face atmosphere that it deserves. The tune oscillates from a dubby, spacious reggae groove in the verses to some ripping guitar solos in the "hook" section. We wanted those guitar solos to be upfront in the mix, with some thumping bass and drums on the low-end.

What role does "Whiskey" play in your EP 'Welcome Home?' Why did you choose to open the project with this single?

We think "Whiskey" really captures our live energy as a band, and once the songs started coming together during the recording process, it became evidently clear to all of us that this track would kick off the EP. We were all bobbing our heads to the "hook" section with the fierce guitar solos over the thumping bass/drum groove. The song goes right from a drum fill into the main groove of the song, so we decided to add some eerie guitar feedback in the very beginning to build the hype.

What can we expect to see next from you?

Expect to see more new music in 2021 as we head back to the studio! And we're already scheming up some ideas for the summer, once the world starts opening up and live shows become a reality. Book us for your private party!

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