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Eddie Cohn Takes Us, "Underwater"

Sometimes a voice is more than just a voice; it's a fire inside that demands release no matter what art form, no matter what it takes. LA's Eddie Cohn has that kind of voice, and it's led him down countless fascinating paths in what has become a full life.

For Eddie, music's taken the front seat, after decades of making records, DJing, then moving into other mediums. Multifaceted at its finest, Eddie Cohn is a singer, writer, producer, deejay, podcaster, dreamer, and a teacher of yoga. But it's probably best to say that he's in the business of illumination. No matter what he turns his attention to or how he expresses himself, he reveals dimensions unseen.

As we remain fixated on the amplified essence of Eddie Cohn’s most recent visual release, “Underwater” takes our full attention for the abstract imagery that infiltrates our screens. The dramatic yet poetic scenes leave us curious as we unfold the messaging of this record. Known for his lyrics that tease like a riddle, the cleverly thought out essence seeps into his cinematic approach as well.

As we see bodies of water surround the screens through quick and long cut imagery, we are also graced by human connection as the characters in his music video leave you with an intrigued palette. Through the great outdoors and being connected to the warmth of the visuals present, we find the core of Eddie Cohn’s feel-good vibrations tied into the powerful reiteration of the music video. There’s a satisfying feeling that comes to us as we close out “Underwater” with the notion of closure.

Leaving us wanting more, yet completely satisfied Eddie Cohn has done an impeccable job at filtering our creativity in with a vision. Staying true to his mission, the promise of spiritual rebirth and an arrangement that, in its clever development, feels like renewal in progress has made its point for time to come.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, Eddie Cohn! We love the creativity that you tend to offer up in your releases. With “Underwater” how does the sonic offering of the song mesh with the visual portion?

Hello BuzzMusic! First off, thanks so much for premiering my new music video for "UNDERWATER!" It's always fun and exciting to try and create the visual component of my music but paradoxically, it's also a challenge because I don't want to say too much with the video. The story I want to convey visually may not be the story someone else comes up with within their own minds upon listening. With that said, I tried to create a "mood" or a "visual style" with colors and images that may tell a sort of universal story. The song is certainly "rock" oriented with a lot of percussions so that certainly played into the way I edited the video. One of the themes of the song is feeling out of breath, feeling trapped or tied down underwater so I was hoping that the thematic element of breathlessness comes through with the song and the video.

What was it like filming this music video? How was the workflow and did you find your vision to jump off the screen the way you intended?

With the thematic elements of the song, I wanted to shoot at a location that symbolically plays along with the lyrics. With this idea of feeling trapped underwater and out of breath, I instinctively felt drawn to shoot at the Sepulveda Dam in Sherman Oaks. It was an absolutely beautiful day when we shot and while Leslie and I had some rough ideas sketched out, we tried to let instinct takeover as well as the energy of the location. So often, I trust if the lighting is good and the location is visually appealing, we can come up with a piece of art that resonates with the song's lyrical content. It really isn't until the editing process that the video comes to life as I pick and choose clips that speak to what I'm trying to convey with the song.

If your audience could take away anything from this video, what would you want it to be?

This was the first song I wrote for the record and it was written during a time when I truly felt out of breath. I had never felt anxious living in Los Angeles but around early 2020, for me, LA felt unsafe. The air quality was terrible because of the wildfires, the protests, and the ensuing riots were happening just a few blocks away from where I live, it was the start of a pandemic and it felt like the world was imploding. I had such a hard time finding balance and a sense of calm so I started writing music again. I hope the video captures that essence of being held down whether it's in the literal sense, in a more allegorical sense, or even from our society's missteps over the last two years. There's still a sense of uneasiness in the air and a lack of trust so I was hoping the song and video captured those elements which are still so prevalent in our culture.

What piece of advice do you have for your audience dealing with themes related to “Underwater?"

I don't know if I'm ever in a position to "give advice" but I think with the lockdowns, the mandates coupled with the swirling and fast-paced nature of information, I think it's important to remember to slow down. Tune out the noise, find some quiet time and remember, you're not alone. Anxiety is a universal issue. Feeling out of breath and overwhelmed is a completely normal reaction to the news, the media, and the fast-paced rate at which we all seem to be living especially during such unpredictable times. I suggest staying off social media and reaching out to friends and not through a simple text but actually making a phone call. Go outside and stay active and go for a walk, and now more than ever, tune into that creative spirit.

What's next for you, Eddie?

I'm thrilled to say I have my first book coming out in the Spring. It's a satire about our culture's obsession with tech and social media so I can't wait for people to read what I've come up with. It should be coming out in April or May but people can message me on social media if they want an advanced copy. It's very exciting to be an author and have my first book coming out. The book is meant to be an off-the-wall satire so while I'm sure it's going to offend some people, I hope people find the humor in it all. And of course, I hope to release new music videos and maybe start writing some new music by the end of the year.

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