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Edgy Rock Band Acting Captain Releases "On The Rocks"

From Salem, Oregon, Progressive garage rockers Acting Captain consists of singer/guitarist Sean McLeod, bassist Robert Keith, and drummer Dan Reisner. The quartet has been perfecting their craft for roughly 15 years. Over time, the band has gone through several different lineups and currently has added guitarist Shawn Thornhill in order to give some more structure to their band.

From the start of their track, “On The Rocks” we are greeted with heavy bass lines

and distorted rhythm guitar. Driving with sounds of classic rock with lovely harmonies in

the breaks, the result is a headbanging track. Similar to that of Led Zeppelin and

possibly even Black Sabbath respectively, the guitar solo is stellar while the bass has a

nice contrasting sound of punchiness. The vocals are not too flashy but instead coincides perfectly with the sound and rest of the band. All parts have enough grit and personality that eventually meshes together to create a badass sound of their own. Acting Captain will continually pave the way for a new generation of rock n roll music leaving their mark in the genre. Reminiscent of their predecessors, this band takes it a step further using innovative sound and ideas.

Listen to Acting Captain's edgy single "On The Rocks", and keep scrolling for an exclusive interview with the band!

Hey guys! Can you tell us a little about how did the band came together?

The core members of Acting Captain have all been playing music together for 15 years. Two of the members are cousins! We're all best friends and have had a long history of performing with different bands around Salem,Oregon where we grew up. Acting Captain came about simply because we can't stop playing rock and roll music. It runs through our veins.  

What is the creation/writing process like with Acting Captain?

It is a very collaborative writing process. Someone will come in with a rough structure of a song or a riff and we all finish writing it together. Even with the song lyrics we are all throwing around different ideas. The process allows us to show our own seperate personalities within the music.  

What is the message you want to get across to your fans and listeners with your new song "On the Rocks"?

On The Rocks is a party song. Plain and simple. Life is short so get out there and have some fun!

What are your future plans for the band and your music?

We plan to do some West Coast touring this year. Our new album was just released last month so we want to keep the momentum going strong into this new year. In addition to playing shows we also will be writing our next batch of songs. There may be another music video on the way!

What was the idea behind “On The Rocks”?

This high energy song started with a riff that we all loved and everything quickly fell into place. On The Rocks is a throwback to the "no frills" rock and roll swagger of our favorite bands. Think Led Zeppelin meets Queens of The Stone Age. There is a tongue- in -cheek attitude to this one and the lyrics should be taken with a grain of salt. It's all about letting loose and living in the moment.  


Check out Acting Captain on social media to be in on the latest with the band!

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