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Edison Lights Our Fire with a Playful Single, "Whatever"

The Los Angeles-based r&b artist, singer-songwriter, and actor Edison releases a heated bop for the clubs with his latest single, "Whatever."

Having been discovered by renowned hip-hop mogul UneekInt in the summer of 2020 led Edison down his remarkable and groundbreaking musical journey. Through influences like Usher, Michael Jackson, Boyz II Men, Trey Songz, and Chris Brown, Edison fully immersed himself into the music scene through various singles and releases that continue to garner the attention of international audiences.

Delving into his latest bop, "Whatever," Edison and his booming sonics offer an incredibly dense and heated atmosphere. While Edison pays tribute to someone he's had his eye on for a while, the sonics push through our speakers with boundless desire and excitement.

Listening to "Whatever," the track opens with a punchy kick drum and crisp hi-hats that set the song's bouncy and heated tone. As Edison begins delivering his modern autotuned vocals overtop of the sweltering beat, he lets listeners into a playful atmosphere through lyrics that scream his endless desire to be by someone's side.

We can't help but feel that this single will be up and running in the clubs once they're open again, as Edison's lyrical theme accompanied by the blazing sonics offer an intense and sonically delicious listening experience, inducing listeners to dance from every aspect. We can't get enough of Edison's inviting and alluring performance, as he naturally exudes this innate magnetism that leaves listeners wanting more upbeat and lively singles from him.

Find Edison's latest single, "Whatever," on all digital streaming platforms, and share some love with the up-and-coming r&b star as he continues tearing our industry to shreds with each endeavor.

Thank you for catching up with us at BuzzMusic, Edison. We admire the uplifting feel and desirous tones of your recent single, "Whatever." When did you begin executing ideas for this single, and how did the song's inspiration come about?

I began executing ideas about a month before the song came out. I was listening to the production and I was trying to create an idea as far as my approach to who I am and my thought process as far as how I talk to women. The inspiration mainly came from a place that resembled my approach to a romantic evening even if it’s just for one night.

What did you want your audience to feel and experience after listening to the overall single, "Whatever?" What sort of vibe were you looking to achieve?

I wanted them to feel this natural case of being relaxed and having a great time. You don’t have to be clever all the time which is why I’m all about taking a girl out and asking what she is down to do because I’m down for whatever. People will dance to this song which is also a vibe that I was looking forward to achieving.

Did you work with any producers when creating "Whatever," or did you produce this single yourself? What was the song's behind-the-scenes process like?

Yes, my manager UneekInt produced the track. When he showed me the beat, I had an original idea for it but none of it was catchy or creative. It probably took me a day or two for me to think about it a little bit more because I felt like I was trying to be too creative, so I needed that time to gather my thoughts and once I did the song came to fruition. It took a few days to completely record the song right and after going over it, the green light was given, and eventually, we were able to release the song a few weeks later.

Regarding your professional relationship with UneekInt, how has he helped your career expand and flourish? Do you two often collaborate?

He is definitely a great manager to have. He and I talk almost every day about what the next plan should be or he’ll give me a call and give me updates on what’s going on and so forth. He is my eyes and ears when it comes to this business since I don’t have the insights into what is going on. He is the one that got me more serious about being on articles and has gotten me the connections that I need to go forward. It is always great to have a manager that can manage, produce, and song write himself. Artists need a manager that can do everything. We collaborate all the time, I have more music on the way that he also produced. Working with him has truly been a blessing.



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