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Effy Lets The “Monsters” Run Loose

Effy, the talented guitarist and singer-songwriter from Florence, Italy, has made a stunning entrance onto the music scene with her debut single, "Monsters."

Federica Zocchi, better known as Effy, has a rich musical background, having studied at esteemed institutions like Academia Musical Piccolo in Bogotá and Fondazione Siena Jazz and Conservatorio Luigi Cherubini in Italy. As a music teacher at Scuola di Musica il Trillo in Florence, Effy continues to share her passion for music with others.

"Monsters" is a powerful and emotional song that delves into the darkness of deceit and manipulation in relationships. The lyrics highlight that the most dangerous monsters don't lurk under our beds but instead masquerade as friends or loved ones. Effy's raw and honest portrayal of this experience showcases her ability to capture complex emotions through songwriting.

The chorus, which features the lines "Have a drink to kill the pain / Take a pill to numb the blame," reflects the struggle to cope with emotional pain and betrayal. Effy's expressive vocals and poignant lyrics create a haunting atmosphere that resonates deeply with listeners who have experienced similar situations.

One of the standout lines in "Monsters" is "Can't you see somehow I'm bleeding ink / Can't you see your words can't shatter me," which suggests a sense of resilience and determination in the face of adversity. Through her art, Effy demonstrates her ability to transform her pain into strength, turning her experiences into a powerful and relatable song.

Effy's debut single, "Monsters," is a gripping and emotionally charged introduction to this promising artist. With her incredible talent for guitar and a unique voice as a singer-songwriter, Effy is sure to captivate audiences and continue to make waves in the music world. Keep an eye (and ear) out for more from this talented musician.

Get this one today, available on all platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Effy! Big cheers to your latest release with "Monsters," a song that explores the darker side of relationships. Can you share your inspiration for writing this song and how you channelled your emotions into its creation?

Thank you very much! The inspiration came from a toxic non-romantic relationship I lived through. I feel like somehow the song wrote itself, I channelled my emotions, and it came through naturally. I told my version of the story through the song.

The lyrics in "Monsters" include "Have a drink to kill the pain / Take a pill to numb the blame." Can you talk about the significance of these lines and what message you hope to convey to listeners about coping with emotional pain?

The song traits topics such as alcoholism, addictions and gambling problems. Having a drink and taking a pill were the ways of someone I used to know to avoid reality. I think there are other ways to deal with life and its problems.

In "Monsters," you sing, "Can't you see somehow I'm bleeding ink / Can't you see your words can't shatter me." How have songwriting and music been an outlet for you in overcoming personal challenges and finding strength?

Music has always been an outlet for me. It’s my safe place. Those last lines of the song close the toxic circle. The whole song feels like a journey to me. At the beginning of it, I felt more vulnerable and weak, and through the song, I gain more confidence and strength, and I close the song by being a different person, someone who found the strength to overcome that toxic situation.

The dreamlike atmosphere in "Monsters" makes it a powerful debut single. How did your experiences studying at prestigious institutions like Academia Musical Piccolo and Fondazione Siena Jazz shape your approach to songwriting and creating this song?

At the Academia Musical Piccolo in Bogotá, Colombia, I learned the basics of music, studied music theory and guitar for about ten years, and then moved back to Italy, to Siena and Florence, to pursue my passion for jazz music. I learned everything I know about harmony and the instrument itself, and the songwriting process came afterwards in a very natural way.

With the release of "Monsters" marking an exciting beginning to your career, what do you envision for your future as an artist? Do you want to explore any particular themes or musical styles in your upcoming projects?

I definitely would love to play live as much as possible. Monsters is the debut single of my upcoming album Deviant. Through the album's ten songs, I explore other musical styles such as pop, jazz and r&b and themes such as love, grief, mental illness and friendship.


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