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Eito Makes Us Feel Like We’re Conquering the World in “Go Crazy"

Eito is a Pittsburgh-based MC and producer whose style is the fusion of the muscle and attitude. Eito will stop at nothing to deliver the music that is in his mind, and it is evident with his latest release "Go Crazy" along with the artist Mission To Mars, this one is a definite bop to listen to.

"Go Crazy" strikes us as soon as the verse begins, it goes from 0-100% extremely quick, and the adrenaline does not die for a moment while listening to the record. Featuring an '80s synth motif that keeps a mysterious vibe throughout the song, deep but presents 808 basses that pull us into our speakers, a driving hard-hitting hip-hop drum kit, and of course the call and response vocal performance from Eito and Mission To Mars that continually keeps us at the edge of our seats. While listening to "Go Crazy," we couldn't help but feel like we were up in the clouds and untouchable, it has that honest "conquer the world" vibe that we can't get enough of. We are officially fans of Eito's lyricism and rhyming and cannot wait to hear what is coming next from this upcoming artist.



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