Eivind Husebø Is Making Waves With New Hit “Heart Beats Fast”

Hailing from Norway is the talented and independent singer/songwriter, Eivind Husebø

A Norwegian from Osterøy, Bergen, Eivind Husebø has released 12 singles since 2017.

His second time working with Xander Milne, Eivind Husebø releases the contagious new dance hit “Heart Beats Fast”. Currently writing new content, Eivind Husebø is collaborating  with DJ Synthony from New York.

“Heart Beats Fast” is an energetic new track from Eivind Husebø and we can’t get enough. 

Eivind Husebø uses his polished skill-set to take us on a journey through space and time with his killer new track “Heart Beats Fast”. The beginning of this piece starts off soft and calming, it slowly builds to a primal and intoxicating beat. “Heart Beats Fast” has many layers, it’s emotionally awakening and vibrant. Strong synths take you away to a lush atmosphere, while the alluring beat keeps you grounded. Eivind Husebø took the beauty that he sees in music and made into something radiant. He paints a soundscape for his fans, entrancing us further with unexpected twists. We highly recommend listening to “Heart Beats Fast” multiple times. The song is so finely-calibrated, your ear will identify different layers and sounds every time. What we love most about this song is that it doesn’t fall into one category. Yes, it’s amazing EDM but “Heart Beats Fast” is so much more than that, it’s ambient music for embracing the beauty of life and music. 

Check out “Heart Beats Fast” here and keep scrolling for more with Eivind Husebø.

Hi Eivind Husebø! Can you start by telling our readers more about yourself?

from Bergen Norway. started with guitar from my dad. And big brother is a jazz composer. And playing around. Kjetil Husebø.

What got you started in making music?

I got my own guitar when I was 10 years old. Played heavy bands, and in the local church. And just playing guitars. A lot. Had to be good at something. Started late to sing. Like 2014. After life's hard school. And just had to sing.

What's your creation process like?

My method is to use metaphors: for song writing. 

What's the inspiration behind “Heart Beats Fast”?

I had a sad concert My own and wanted to make a positive summer song. And most songs are about finding peace. as in yoga.

What’s next for you!? We’d love to hear more!

Working with DJ Symphony from wo tang clan. And many more. And a fresh new song calles strange. It make me alive to sing. Just sing and try to smile. And sing playing and singing with my dad a little. Who has been doing this all his life.-. We Just having fun. Stay tuned for more  


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