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EJ Carey Elaborates On Her Latest Single, "I.G.B.Y.H."

The versatile recording artist and singer-songwriter EJ Carey recently released her lyrically-heavy single, "I.G.B.Y.H.," and left quite the mark on us.

EJ Carey is never one to shy away from musical exploration; she's skilled in blurring the lines between high-energy pop, rock, and country. Delving into the country with her recent hit, "I.G.B.Y.H.," EJ Carey showcased a different side of herself by delivering the same sound that drove her teenage years.

In an exclusive interview with EJ Carey, she went into depth regarding the song's inspiration. While getting back into the dating scene after a tumultuous relationship, EJ Carey began to hear the hurt and vengeful voice say, "what if YOU got to break someone's heart this time?"

It's easy for anyone to fall into that kind of lust for power and have the upper hand, which drives the theme and high-energy instrumentation within her latest single, "I.G.B.Y.H." EJ Carey made it incredibly easy to relate to her emotional lyricism in this single. We can only expect the same from her tunes to come.

Find EJ Carey's recent single, "I.G.B.Y.H.," on all digital streaming platforms.


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